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Come on, don\t be shy!

Started by DataEase
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Come on, don\t be shy!

This forum is for everyone. We too will use it to discuss with you, but at the moment we have our plate full, and haven't had time to really get started. So nothing wrong, in you guys taking the lead. It is yours after all. We will answer questions and provide solutions where we can, but realistically guys do this better than us. So come on, get started, share it with your buddies, list, load....
Written by DataEase 31/08/12 at 21:59:02 Not product specific.

Dataease --- to whom it may concern

Is it too late to back the new Dataease ? The onset of the 80's brought financial security to dataease developers trainers and the like as they invested in its secure ease of use deployment, with functionality. From British Gas to Wallcoverings International we all jumped on board, or were enticed by it. Late nights spent finding workarounds ect were the accepted norm and every dataease developer worth their salt wanted only one thing - a mention in the bug report columns, yes we loved it , we felt part of it, with a quick free support phone call almost anything could be achieved I know --- I achievd it lol. With the onset of the 90's you could pick up a trade paper with vacancies for Dataease developers. Its hay day arrived, with the buzz of novell 3.11 and Dataease for dos, you could , and did conquer all. Yes we loved it, we felt part of it, now no free suport (did we need it ? ), almost anything could be achieved I know --- I achieved it (lol) The onset of the new century, with every developer waiting for planes to drop out of the sky and disaster to strike on the hour of midnight on 31st dec 1999 -- Dataease came through with its head held high and us developers had the best new year bonus --- ever !! The new milenium brought with it a fierce challenge of Windows, Internet and less money in the budgets of IT departments that were being outsourced by the thousands. Was Dataease going to be up to these challenges? Could I as a developer say Dataease could handle the challange ? No it couldn't, it didn't, the hay days were over and Dataease fell far short of requirments. I remember in the begining, being so excited when I recieved Dataease on a few 5 1/4 floppy disks to be installed on a 286 amstrad, and when I brought them home to show my wife. I can remember the next day going into work with a wet floppy as my daughter had chucked one in a bath of soapy water, leaving it in a warm place to dry out----- yes it worked it was like dataease of old it bloody worked, sometimes with a wee bit of help. Has it now been sorted -- or is it still in transision ?, can it meet the chalanges of today?, will it get the developers and users on fire? ,will it allow a business to achieve ? could you recommend it to a friend ? Or is it just an old friend with just old memories for old developers to remember the good old times ? Your answers please !!! Has development of the new Dataease Beast been worth the wait
Written by Alex McCabe 04/09/12 at 00:33:52 DataEase Generation 3

Date shown when topic entered

Could you change this to dd\mm\yyyy
Written by Alex McCabe 04/09/12 at 01:50:53 Not product specific.

Re:Date shown when topic entered

I thought We had...Server is in America...Will try again!
Written by DataEase 05/09/12 at 16:10:56 Not product specific.

Re:Date shown when topic entered

Fixed. The Deafult setting on the DG3 server was US. The Server itself was configured to run UK settings, but since DG3 is run as a service, the service had its own session with its own default settings. Learn something new every day in the wonderful world that Microsoft has created for us ;-)
Written by DataEase 05/09/12 at 17:02:33 Not product specific.

Re:Dataease --- to whom it may concern

I have been using DataEase for the last 25 years. I have apps in both DOS and Windows running. I did have a rough ride with the windows versions, and many times I was on the verge of quitting completely, and migrate to other products…..but I was always hoping that something happens. Well it did happen. Some months ago I was provided with a demo of DG3. DG3 is DataEase purely on the WEB. A proof of its power is the website itself completely developed in DG3. Then I had the pleasure to use one of the earliest versions of DFW8. There are more new features and functionality than I can ever remember. Even if it is still in beta…it works! I have rediscovered the joy of developing using DataEase….I am again enthusiastic about this tool. So yes I am sure that there is a bright future
Written by Josef Vella 06/09/12 at 05:37:59 DataEase Generation 3

Re:Dataease --- to whom it may concern

Hi Alex, and thanks for taking the time to write on the forum. To pick up the DataEase "baton" is not something one do lightly. I guess few products stir up so many feelings as DataEase. First very much loved and revered, and later I would go as far as saying reviled. We took over development of DataEase because we belonged in both groups. We loved DatEase up to 4.53, we kept an open mind through Express, and we left the building on DFW. I personally, checked in on DataEase regularly over the years, but every time there came a new version, I was re-disappointed. Suddenly I heard talk of something called Web-Publisher, and my hope rose again,. again I was disappointed. DataEase 7 was announced with a lot of bravado, and again I was disappointed... Yes, I know this is a lot of disappointment ;-) Of course a lot of brave and loyal DataEase people have "left the building" over these more than 20 years of "depression". There is only so much loyalty any product, even DataEase, can demand... I will be perfectly blunt. When we decided to take over development of DataEase, it was because we love DataEase, and hand on heart, there is no other software out there (with the possible exception of SideKick and the first Norton Utilities...) that command that emotion. We believe that the simple philosophy that DataEase was originally built on is unique in this industry, and that our industry would be richer if these values was rescued and moved forward in future products. Ant that is what this is all about. The future! We didn't decide that we wanted to "rescue" DataEase on behalf of all the downtrodden users that had been struggling for 20 years in DFW. We did it in spite of that. It might sound a little harsh, but nothing beats the truth. There is a lot of sore feelings out there, and as much as we sympathise, we have to accept that the majority of our original user base has left us, and that if we want to succeed in the future, DataEase need to be geared towards the next generation. We believe that DataEase as a concept and idea, will work as well in 2012, 2022, 2032... as it did in 1982 and 1992, but if we make a Retro product we will fail. DG3 is not RetroEase, it is FutureEase ;-) At the moment, learning and using DG3 takes the same effort as you describe above, but we are willing to guarantee that the return is going to be at least as great. We hope that none of our existing users, got offended by what I wrote above. We have you in mind too, and that is why we make LegEeasy DOS (DataEase Old Style), and DataEase 8. Both of these are the stepping stone from DG1 and DG2 to DG3, but at the same time, they are independent products in their own right. When DataEase made the fatal decision in not including DFD users in DFW, it was the "end" of DataEase as we knew it. It must be one of the most disastrous business decissions of the early computer era. 3 million users left behind, to follow a dream of "programming perfectness"... Never again. Even though our user base is much smaller now, both in DFW and DFD, we have decided that we will spend the time and resources to make the way forward that was denied them 20 years ago. Yes, it is too late, but this way we can all at last move forward with a clean slate. Ulrik Jacob Hoegh - Krohn.
Written by DataEase 06/09/12 at 07:30:22 DataEase Generation 3

Re:Welcome to the new DataEase Forum

Written by diego fernando ocampo gomez 10/09/12 at 15:37:38 Not product specific.

Re:Welcome to the new DataEase Forum

I am just showing this functionality to a potential customer.
Written by DataEase 17/09/12 at 15:47:34 Not product specific.

Forum createt in Dataease

Hallo together, i have read that this Forum was createt in Dataease. Can i get more Information how to do that and what kind of Software i need? I am using since 15 years Dataease but not in connection with the Internet ( like Internetshop or Internetforum). Kow we want to create new Internetsites for our office and i am very interestet to get more informations how to do it with Dataease. thanks for any kind of help. Kind regards Markus
Written by Markus 18/09/12 at 06:27:51 DataEase Generation 3

Re:Forum createt in Dataease

Dear Markus. Thank you for taking the time to write to us. This entire website is developed in DG3 Web Framework, which is the first product in the new DG3 product line. It is still an Alpha product, which means that it is still in Development and that we only use it for internal projects i.e. it is not released for general use. This said, we have used DG3 on live project (i.e. projects in collaboration with partners and clients that is in production - not demos!) since April last year. DG3 Web Framework is already an impressive product which capabillities way beyond previous DataEase products. The reason we have not released it is primarily a market consideration. We could have released DG3 Web Framework (and we have in limited numbers) as a development tool for advanced developers, but since the product is still in development and there is very limited documentation etc. on the product, it simply is to demanding for us to support the developers. DG3 Web Framework is also the framework in which we will develop the other DG3 products in - WebEasy, WinEasy, LegEasy and AppEasy. These are more traditional interpretations of DataEase, where you will be able to develop Web, Windows, "DOS" and mobile apps in the traditional WYSIWYG manner. DG3 Web Framework is a fantastic tool to work with, when you get the hang of it, but the threshold to get started is still too high, as our focus has been on the end user possibilities (what the app can do for the client), rather than the developer experience up to now. It doesn't have loose wires hanging out of the engine bay, but the focus has not been on streamlining the developer experience up to now. Having said that, I developed a complete solution on top of a DFD 8.0 app on Monday for a University here in London, and it took me less than a day from start to finish, so it is a very fast tool to make advanced web applications in already. We tested out giving the product to some valued partners, but we ended up spending way too much time and resources on explaining them the fundamentals, so we have stopped doing that and have instead put down as a criterium that anyone that want to use DG3 Web Framework undergo two days training to get a proper understanding of the product, and how to develop in it. This is necessary because DG3 change the way one have to view DataEase development, as well as the horieszont of what DataEase can do. As our resources at the moment is focused on development, we don't have time to do any more training until later this year, or early next year, when we intend to have a developer conference for "early adapters". This will be an invitational only, and everyone that participate need to come with a live business case that they want to be solved in DG3. Anyone can put themselves forward, and we will then select the ones we want to invite based on their skill set and the cases they want solved. We are also going to open applications for our Pre-Launch program, where we solve projects in conjunction with partners/clients, again later this year. The criteria for Pre-Launch is that it is a live project, and that it challenges DG3 and us. This interprets as follows: 1. The project is for a production system, not for a demo. 2. It is a paid for project, not a proof of concept. 3. The customer will have to pay 50% of the agreed sum before we start, and 50% on delivery. 4. We will deliver the agreed project with the agreed functionality, if we need to amend our product to achieve the goal, we will do it. 5. The delivery will be a fixed price project, and we will only re-negotiate payment if the scope of the project radically changes. We will allow for agreed changes to the scope, without changing the terms.
Written by DataEase 20/09/12 at 16:35:52 DataEase Generation 3

Re:Welcome to the new DataEase Forum

Dear DataEase Users. We have yet again updated the user forum, and we will continue improving it "DataEase style" as things progress. At the moment the activity is not higher than it merits us showing all the threads in the opening view, as things progress, we will give you a more categorized view to drill down into the threads. We know that the community around existing products have been dying out, and we don't blame you. DataEase has been bad in responding to questions, and the product news has been few and far apart. This are definitely changing, and it is our intentions to grow both the community and the product range. The ones of you that has been "lucky" enough to get DataEase 8, or the ones that are testing DG3, please share some of your experience with the rest. London, 22nd September 2012
Written by DataEase 22/09/12 at 10:56:35 Not product specific.

What I miss most is "Interactive Mode DQL building" tool DFD had.

What I miss most is "Interactive Mode DQL building" tool DFD had. It prompted you by listing all valid responses and prevented syntax and spelling mistakes. Q: Is there ever going to be a replacement for that in any new version ?
Written by Jim Stefely 27/09/12 at 01:42:46

Re:What I miss most is "Interactive Mode DQL building" tool DFD had.

Hi Jim, you are not alone. There is a lot of stuff that we all miss from DFD, and it must be a mystery for everyone why DataEase never listened and implemented it in DFW. Maybe the problem was simply that they didn't listen... For 20 years user have been met with "good" explainaiton on why the "new" way is better than the old, and why not including the key success factors of DFD in DFW, would have "ruined" the brilliance of DFW. It is all b...cks, of course. Let's not delve into why it wasn't done, let's just agree that it was a big mistake that it wasn't done, a mistake that now need to be corrected. One of the first things we made in our early DG3 tool, was the Interactive DQL Building editor...see below Not only will all the different DQL editors (DQL is used much more widely in DG3 than before, you can use them for everything from functions via procedures and triggers to reports, but also all other editors will be built around the same interactivity. Why wasn't the same "method" used for derivation for instance? Now we will. SO what about DFW? For the, and the reason is for all the "good" reasons it was never done before. Problem is that back then they weren't that good, because DFW was a new product with it's lifespan ahead of it, now it is an grand old lady, and to invest that kind of money and effort into it now, just doesn't make sense. It is simply to late in the day. However...we are looking into implementing the DQL editor from DG3 in it at a later stage, if we find a good way of doing it. We have already broken down a lot of barriers in 8, so this might just be one more that we will be able to remove.
Written by DataEase 27/09/12 at 16:55:12 DataEase Generation 3

Re:Come on, don\t be shy!

Im using HP deskjet ink printer model k209a-z in my dataease legeasy 6.53. I found some problem that message me " printer setting error" but i check my driver all working with microsoft system but when i choosing this printer manually in dataease it come out that error. Please help me, i you have some solve for this issue.
Written by 04/10/12 at 17:22:02 LegEasy 6 Windows

Converting old 4.53 to 7.2

I have a really small data base using 4.53 on an old windows 98 machine. Is there anyway to convert to 7.2? If not, is there anyone that would be able to re-program a new 7.2 database for me? The person who designed my current 4.53 is no longer available and I'm not very good at programming. I have one input form for Mail order processing. That form contains simple customer info ie. name, address etc. plus data for about 20 or so products. As far as reports are concerned they are basic...sales by date and/or payment type, invoices and about 15 other very simple reports. Once I get going and can follow the programming of one or two of the reports, I can probably do the misc. reports myself. By the way, my input "form" with product selection is already done. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim R.
Written by Jim Riesberg 04/10/12 at 17:53:42

Re:Re:Come on, don\t be shy!

Hi. Download the latest LegEasy 6.53 from here. We fixed this problem in the latest version. Problem was due to printer names taking more space in x64 than in earlier versions of Windows. All the best, DataEase
Written by DataEase 05/10/12 at 11:28:38 LegEasy 6 Windows

Networking with DataEase 6.53

I am trying DataEase 6.53 in a network but don´t work. I copy the files configur.dat and denetwork.ovl for the FULL locking strategy but I have not any locking. I look in Preferences - Locking and I have a double mark in Lock nothing and Lock files in the section "If printing data is locked..."
Written by Carlos Ruiz 08/10/12 at 00:09:03 LegEasy 6 Windows

User deined finctions and DataEase 6.53

I try my aplication -developed in DataEase 6.52- with DataEase 6.53 and some user function don´t work. For example, NumtoText it´s crazy.
Written by Carlos Ruiz 08/10/12 at 00:27:19 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Networking with DataEase 6.53

Hi Carlos. Have you set the DEPATH correctly? The easiest way to do this is to start Dataease.exe via a bat file and include the DEPATH and DENAME in the bat file. Quote from our website "In the Program catalogue of 6.53 you will find a catalog called NetworkAndLocking. In this catalogue you will find 4 catalogue named after thir locking model. In each you will find the correct CONFIGUR.DAT for this locking model. The only thing you have to do to set or change your locking model, is to copy the correct CONFIGUR.DAT to both your program catalogue, and the Shared catalogue you need to run 6.53 in a multi user/multi session environment. The shared catalogue. If you want to run 6.53 as multi session with locking, create a new catalogue on the root of your C:\ drive called ex. C:\653locking, copy denetwrk.ovl from the 653 program catalogue, and the configur.dat with the correct locking model setting from the NetworkAndLocking catalogue. Make sure that you also copy it to the program catalogue, as the one in the shared catalogue and in the program catalogue need to be the same. (You can also delete configur.dat in the program catalogue) If you want to run multi session, you will need each session to have an unique DENAME. So make a bat file for each session, and start if from a shortcut. The bat files should atleast contain the belowe: SET DENAME=Something UniqueForEachSession SET DEPATH=C:\SharedCatalogue ex. C:\652locking C:\DataEase65.local\dataease.exe If you want to run the application in a multiuser environement, you will need to put the Shared catalogue on a shared Network Drive together with the Shared application. You will still need a unique DENAME for each user and each session. Multi Session If you want to run more than one 6.53 at against the same database on a Local Computer, you need to set SharedLocalDatabase=Yes in the [Locking] section of PRISM.INI found in the DataEase program catalogue. You can alternatively map a local drive as a network drive and access the application via this drive."
Written by DataEase 08/10/12 at 06:12:43 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:User deined finctions and DataEase 6.53

Hi Carloz. I assume you use the demo version of 6.53? This on is limited to 30 records, and since the CDF functions is stored in a normal DataEase table, all function after record 30 will be ingnored and cause this problem. The Demo version is realy just that...a demo, and to test if 6.53 can run on your installation.
Written by DataEase 08/10/12 at 06:25:33 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Re:Come on, don\t be shy!

Bro, for your information. iam using version 6.53.3155. thank you.
Written by 09/10/12 at 17:38:21 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Networking with DataEase 6.53

I´am working with dataease since 1980 and before upgrade I need to be sure about the work of the "new" version But let me insist: After copy the configur.dat I look at Preferences - Locking and I have the double mark in Lock nothing and in Lock files options in the section "If printing data is locked...". If I try off one of them, the double mark pass at othe section. So in Networking I have not any locking.
Written by Carlos Ruiz 10/10/12 at 05:22:34 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:User deined finctions and DataEase 6.53

I delete all User Function except the NumtoText function. A table with one record, but the problem it´s still there.
Written by Carlos Ruiz 10/10/12 at 05:30:12 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Re:User deined finctions and DataEase 6.53

Hi again! Sorry for the "lazy" answer. Your problem is related tot he CDF library not being present in the DataEase Program catalogue. CDFs is not normally distributed as part of the DataEase distribution as they are to a big degree third party software. Look in you 6.52 catalog for the matching CDF library, and copy it into the 6.53 catalogue. We are however currently compiling a list of "our" CDF libraries, that we will add to the next distribution of 6.53. Again, sorry for the confusion.
Written by DataEase 10/10/12 at 07:43:53 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Re:Networking with DataEase 6.53

Hi again Carloz. If your Locking screen doesn't show up with a Locking strategy, there is only to possible explainations: 1. That the configur.dat copied to the shared catalogue pointed to at the server by DEPATH environment variable, is the wrong one (i.e. it is the one for Single User) 2. That the DEPATH is not there or is not pointing on the correct catalogue. Where do you set your DEPATH? Is it in a bat file that later load DataEase.exe or is it in the outer environment (i.e. Windows etc). If you set it in Windows, simply run CMD and type SET, to check if it is set correctly. I know that you have been a DataEase user for "ages", but I do these mistakes dayly myself, so I assume that everyone else do to...Can't see the forrest for all the trees...
Written by DataEase 10/10/12 at 07:47:06 LegEasy 6 Windows

data ease on server linux

hello I wonder if my database I can put the network on a linux server, with DataEase
Written by wilmer raul contreras riaño 11/10/12 at 00:35:15

Re:data ease on server linux

You can put the DataEase database on a Linux server, but you cannot run DataEase for Windows on a Linux machine. For all versions of DataEase up and including DataEase 8, DataEase itself will need to be run on the computer that use the database, when the database itself can be located either locally to DataEase or on a File server in the LAN. It is not recommended to run DataEase over a WAN etc. In DG3 this is different, when DataEase becomes a server application. End users of DG3 Web applications will need nothing installed on their computer, and all apps can be run on any Web enabled device. For DG3 versions like LegEasy DOS, WinEasy and AppEasy, DataEase is set up on a client/server basis. First version of DG3 will need a Windows server, but future versions will be able to run on Linux as well.
Written by DataEase 11/10/12 at 06:26:12 Not product specific.

files with extension. ERa

we have a database in version DataEase and create files with extension. ERa
Written by wilmer raul contreras riaño 11/10/12 at 23:43:44

Re:Converting old 4.53 to 7.2

Hi Jim, Have a look at our website and contact us if you like what you see. We have many years experience of DataEase (From the days of Data Master in Peter's case) and we perform many upgrades and conversions from older copies of DataEase, Regards Rob Birney
Written by Rob Birney 16/10/12 at 09:41:42

Error when opening DataEase 6.1 for DOS on Windows 7

I get the following error message when I try to open DataEase.Exe file: procedure entry point @DE_VOBJECT@getPrintFlags$qv could not be located in devobj.dll Any help would be appreciated.
Written by Aniz Asaria 16/10/12 at 18:15:25 Not product specific.

Re:Error when opening DataEase 6.1 for DOS on Windows 7

DataEase 6 is not Windows 7 compatible, and this is why we have created LegEasy 6 Windows (6.53). Upgrading from 6.x to 6.53 cost only £99 pr user, and you can buy it online on the shop.
Written by DataEase 17/10/12 at 08:24:27 Not product specific.

Re:Error when opening DataEase 6.1 for DOS on Windows 7

Buying LegEasy is the best option. You can however use Windows XP mode if you have Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate (Follow the instructions on the Microsoft site). There are down sides to it though, it will use a chunk of your hard drive and will take some of your processor and memory power (when running) slowing your machine down also if you use DataEase as multi user on a network it won't work. There can also be graphics problems as there always were with some XP machines and graphics cards.
Written by Rob Birney 17/10/12 at 19:25:48 Not product specific.

Re:Converting old 4.53 to 7.2

Hi, Data from 4.53 to Dataease XX can easily be converted. In my opinion....there is a shift on how we used to work (and program) in the DOS years to the now Windows environment. Whilst (again in my opinion) converting an application automatically is never feasible, even if successful you are using a structure based on a technology available many years ago. Best way analysis to determine what you really need from the current application, and what new functionality you want to implement....then rebuilt using DataEase for Windows....(version 8 which is super!) Should you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact me. Josef
Written by Josef Vella 18/10/12 at 10:58:11

Re:Come on, don\t be shy!

Written by 24/10/12 at 07:07:04 Not product specific.

DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Sorry, but I need to figure this out. What is the this thing with DataEase and Ffenics. I went to the DataEase(UK)/Sapphire website and downloaded 7.2, then I went to Ffenics and downloaded their latest demo. Now I have looked at them and I am confused. I understand that DataEase development had become a little "stagnant" and from the grapevine I picked up on Ffenics and that that was supposed to be the "new" DataEase. But my problem is...Ffenics make it out like Ffenics is million miles better and different from DataEase 7.2, but I can't really see that. I can't for the life of me find any real functional difference? To be honest, I find that 7.2 looks more "come together" than Ffenics, that to me look "home made", but other than that, can anyone please let me know what the actual differences is? Am I stupid, or is Ffenics just a "scam" i.e. a straight forward copy of DataEase for Windows? Info please, anyone that is in the know. I am trying to make up my mind here, and maybe I am really stupid, but to me it looks like the "emperors new clothes"? Is Ffenics really better? And don't just say yes or no, I would like to know why? (Now I only need to keep my breath and hope the DataEase moderators don't delete this)
Written by Andy Clinton 26/10/12 at 17:11:02 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Which version?

I worked for a company in the 90ies that used DataEase (4.35?) or something. I used to love it. I have now "semi retired" and are setting up a new business, and I was thinking of using DataEase. To be honest, I couldn't really remember the name so I did some Internet research, and when I saw the familiar black screen, I found out that it was DataEase. I have had a look at your website, but must admit that I am a little confused. Can anyone enlighten me to which version etc, I should buy?
Written by Herbert Oakley 26/10/12 at 17:52:27 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Which version?

Hebert goodnight considering that the latest version that was used in the DataEase 4.53, it is advisable to wait legeasy DOS version scheduled for release in the beginning of 2013. I also eagerly await this release. The windows version is a completely different product and will require a long apprenticeship. I do not think it's worth the effort. Sorry for the bad English, but I'm using a online translator. hugs Reinaldo Neves Equação Informática Brasil
Written by Reinaldo Neves 26/10/12 at 20:24:41 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Andy goodnight The product Ffenics is derived from the same source code DataEase, and to my knowledge is a project of former developers of DataEase. The appearance of the screens is basically the same, the biggest difference by which I analyzed in the archives of internal definition of the database. The Ffenics follows the lines of what was done in DataEase DOS (internally of course). And these differences are barely visible to the user. Sorry for the bad English, but I'm using a online translator. hugs Reinaldo Neves Equação Informática Brasil
Written by Reinaldo Neves 26/10/12 at 20:29:47 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Re:Networking with DataEase 6.53

I did a new test: Windows server 2008, with the new DataEase 6.53 and Dataease 6.52 All stations via Terminal Server Depath and Dename via a .bat file with the configur.dat for the new version DataEase 6.52 it´s in the Denetwrk.ovl and all locks are OK DataEase 6.53 (LegEasy6 Demo version) it´s not in the Denetwrk.ovl and fail all locks.
Written by Carlos Ruiz 29/10/12 at 01:39:16 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Networking with DataEase 6.53

Dear Carlos. I am very sorry, I didn't realise that you were trying to test this with the demo version. I thought you had a Network version. The demo version is set up to only run as a Single User. It is a demo of the functionality in DataEase for "new" users and as a "proof of concept" in Windows 7/8/2008R2. You don't need to test networking in 6.53. It is the same as in 6.52, so if it works in 6.52 it works in 6.53. We have tested it many, many times, so if you buy 6.53 and it doesn't work, you can be safe that it is a configuration issue, and not a systemic fault in the product. All Demo versions are single users, and even if you would need at least a two user full version to make a full scale Networking test. The problem with 6.53 in Windows 2008R2 is not related to running the product, but to the configuration of 2008R2 itself when it comes to locking etc. We have tested this extensively too, and with all default configurations of 2008R2 you should have no problems, but we are discussing and explaining the possible issues in the following articles In general we recommend Opportunistic locking in all versions of DataEase now. This included 6.53. The view on locking have changed over the years, with changing use of databases. Originally they were mostly used in accounting type systems, and the idea was that everything needed to be complete consolidated and consistent at all times. With the emergence of distributed thinking and wider use of databases in almost every application, the view became that the problems caused by this didn't outweigh the benefits of speed and flexibility. One then moved more to the view that data are dynamic anyway, and the idea of "freezing the world" to take an accurate snapshot didn't work. i.e. the "Chinese Census problem" - Should one deny people to die and be born when one did a census? If everything else works fine for you in 6.53, you can safely buy it and if it turns out that locking doesn't work for you in the full version, we will refund you the cost of upgrading it. Again sorry for not realising that you were testing the demo.
Written by DataEase 29/10/12 at 05:39:49 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Hi Reinaldo and thanks for the quick reply. So in reality it is not much difference then? I don't really think I understand why there need to be two products this similar? So is Ffenics better than DataEase then? Anyways, I tried to sign up to the Ffenics/DataEase forum on the Ffenics site last week, and I have still not gotten approved. I don't understand why it would take this long for me to be allowed to get access to a user forum. Are they doing a complete background check on me? When I signed up to the site and the forum I got a lot of automated emails from an Adrian Jones, but the download link didn't work and image links were broken. I managed in the end to find a link to an upgrade on the forum, but smooth To me it felt like there was nobody home, and still isn't. I don't want to buy software from a company where everyone have left the building. So now I am waiting to be approved on their forum, so I can ask the questions there rather than here...but until then I will take advantage of the hospitality here.
Written by Andy Clinton 29/10/12 at 13:32:43 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Hi, I have gone both ways...Ffenics and DataEase....and at a point in time I had decided for another product! ...and that was hard after 20+ years in DataEase.... However, I had the fortune to be on the partner list and was given the possibility to try both DG3 and later on DataEase 8, as well as see the changes / progress being done to v6. I spoke to the new DataEase guys and they are enthusiastic about the new dataease product line. So I am now back to the DataEase community... I can't really say which is better or worse....but I have not seen so much new functionality and features in Dataease for ages....Version 8.0 is is still in beta but works great...I have a first application going out soon. As regards DG3 that is the future...and it is already here and works (all this is built using Dataease and DG3). So as far as I am concerned I see a bright future, products that work and a strategy for the future. Thats my humble opinion :) regards Josef
Written by Josef Vella 29/10/12 at 15:10:47 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Which version?

hi Version 4.53 was the DOS champion. Developing application in a Windows environment requires a shift from the way we used to think in the golden DOS age....if you are ready for that then wait for Version 8. There is some learning curve, but your base knowledge in the DOS product shall help you get up to scratch. Perhaps, the moderators here can organise some training for DataEase DOS to WINDOWS... regards Josef
Written by Josef Vella 29/10/12 at 15:19:57 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Problems with Export, Upgrading from 7.2 and DataEase 8 Exec.

• Currently I have a procedure to export data from a table with the following code for detalle-Prestamos ; list records Pretamo_Numero ; Fecha_cobro ; LlaveItems ; Valor_abono . end export to "D:\Detalle.txt" . .form header .items @f[1,1], @f[1,2], @f[1,3],@f[1,4] .end With this code line by line data exported comma separated but I have a requirement to export the same data but is of fixed length, and that records are separated by a new line • We need to connect two databases previously developed DataEase DOS 5.17 was simple truth with this Windows version I have not been able. I thank you for guiding me to make this connection as • With licenses already acquired 7.2 can upgrade to Version 8?, Since the idea of buying another 15 licenses is version 8 • In one version of DOS 5.17 as a developer bought the developer kit and equipment or workstations where DataEase installed an Exec was installed. This is going to be possible with Windows versions Thanks for your attention and waiting your response that are valuable for the development of our applications
Written by diego fernando ocampo gomez 29/10/12 at 20:14:58 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Problems with Export, Upgrading from 7.2 and DataEase 8 Exec.

1. Problem with Export. Example 3 for MEMBERS ; list records MEMBERID in order ; CARDNO. ; TOTALDUE . end export to "MEMBDATA.TXT" . .form header .items @f[1,1,5]@f[1,2,20]@f[1,3,7] .end This example generates a fixed length ASCII file and includes the same data as in Example 1. The third digit in the field specification indicates the length of the field. 2. I am not sure if you mean that you want to merge to 5.17 DFD databases in DFW or if you want to migrate them to DFW. If it is the first, you will simply need to create an install file, and install one application into the other, make sure you have unique tables names etc. If it is the second, we don't recommend migrating DFD apps to DataEase for Windows. If you want a DFW app, it is quicker and better to create it from scratch, and export/import data. If you simply want to use the DFD 5.17 app as it is, you will have to wait till LegEasy DOS is released. 3. Upgrading from 7.2 to 8.0 will cost £159 pr. user for a full version. 4. We are planning to release both a DataEase 8 Distributor (Basically a modern and vastly more advanced version of the old DataEase developer that will do remote distribution and deployment), and a DataEase 8 "Exec" program. It will not be the same as the old Exec, but a licensing program for Partners where they can sell and deploy DataEase without development option. We will advertise all these products when they are getting ready for release. At the moment we concentrate on DataEase 8 Full, LegEasy DOS and DG3 Web Framework.
Written by DataEase 29/10/12 at 20:23:06 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Networking with DataEase 6.53

OK, let me see but as you say in the main page of the doewloads, this it´s a "FREE DEMO! Same as Full verson........." Also let me tell you, with the last version I have problems with the "fake virus detection".
Written by Carlos Ruiz 30/10/12 at 00:09:25 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Networking with DataEase 6.53

Fair point Carlos. Victim of the copy and paste ghost. It is now corrected and it states that Demo is limited to 30 records and NO Network support. However, I think that it shouldn't be. On my initiative we changed from the same limited demo as 6.53 in 7.2 to Trial with timebomb. I think that a Demo/Trial shouldn't be limited at all, so I have to agree with your thinking and assumption, but the reason that it currently is you see below. We are currently working on a completely new licensing model and engine for all DataEase versions. With this engine, licensing will be more flexible and dynamic. Any customer will use the same key, but it can dynamically change from Demo to Full, and include both Full and Runtime/Exec users. DataEae 6.53 was originally launched as an "emergency" version to help DFW 5.x and 6.x users that moved to Windows 7 to discover their versions didn't work. It was never supposed to be a major version, with all the bells and whistles. This is why we retained the original licensing model, locking model etc. Never would we have thought that it would become this popular, but it has and that is why we are currently spending quite a lot of resources in bridging the gap between 6.53 and DataEase 8/DG3.
Written by DataEase 30/10/12 at 04:44:54 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Re:Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Dear Mr. Clinton. For several reasons we don't have to delve on her, the former head of development - Pete Tabord, separated from DataEase after 7.1 was released and was allowed to build a "new" product on the DataEase for Windows code base at it was at the time of separation. It was assumed that the product in mind would be very different to DataEase for Windows and be target towards a different demographic. As these things go, the product that was finally released was - we would imagine - Pete Tabord's vision of 7.2/7.5/8.0. In short it was a bug fixed 7.1 with some reversals of the "disastrous" changes made from 6.5 to 7.0 like re-introduction of old style Memo (now as LongText). Removal of some old DFD compatibility code (DOS Functions) and some renaming of functions/functionality i.e forms built on existing tables is called Aspects etc. It became rather popular with disillusioned DFW users that had been served to very sour lemons from DataEase with 7.0 and 7.1. We got involved with DataEase after all this had already happened, and the first version we were in charge of was 7.2, which have more than a 800 major fixes from 7.1. It was "postulated" from Ffenics that it was much more solid than DataEase and that they had the better insight into the inner workings of DataEase with Mr. Tabord in charge of development. We have no problem accepting that Ffenics was much better than both 7.0 and 7.1, but all feedback from people that we have got from people that have used both Ffenics and DataEase 7.2 is that the latter is the superior product. The problem is of course, that the discussion shouldn't be which of them is the better DataEase for Windows, but which of them is the better product. In our mind, neither is what a DataEase user in 2012 should be allowed to expect. We have not hidden the fact, that we think that DataEase for Windows has never answered the expectations of the DataEase users. We have invested a lot of resources in bringing both DataEase for Windows (Soon 8.0) and DataEase forward (DG3). It has been a big job, because both the idea and the product was quite "bruised" after so many years "beating against the wind and currents". We should of course have wished that Ffenics had lived up to the intentions behind the separation and had delivered a product that nobody would mistake for being DataEase, but that will luckily soon be water under the bridge. When DataEase 8/LegEasy DOS, DataEase 8 Report, DataEase 8 Distributor and finally the DG3 range with Web Framewok, WebEasy, WinEasy and AppEasy is released, I don't think anyone will ever again ask what is the difference between DataEase and Ffenics. We have said it before, and we have no problem saying it again. If you are a strong believer in the ideas that gave us DFW 5.x, DFW 6.x, DFW 7.0 and DFW 7.1, then Ffenics is the right product for you. On the other hand, if you want a contemporary product built on the fundamental ideas of DataEase for DOS, we think and hope you will stick with us.
Written by DataEase 30/10/12 at 04:58:09 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Thanks for all the replies. Am I right when I think that the products are more or less the same, but the difference is in the culture, follow up, product support etc? It seem to me that people have been quite unhappy with DataEase over the years, and that this is the main "incentive" for Ffenics? I finally managed to get hold of a "comparison" document made by Ffenics, so I share it with other people that might wonder. To be honest it seems more like a clean up than a re-development, but from what people tell me, that was what it needed more than anything. So if I assume that Ffenics 1.6 and DataEase 7.2 is more or less the same, I guess I need to take the future into consideration then? I was "locked in" by DataEase once before, any guarantees that this won't happen again? I will ask Ffenics the same on their Forum.
Written by Andy Clinton 30/10/12 at 10:01:17 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Export data from a table

good morning I have a database and a table with 250,000 records I need to export that table is a selection of recording and I do it for the function in the table DataEase Data Export and select the options button Selected Records and therefore selected the Range option but when I digitarle the initial rank and the final rank will not let me enter more than five digits Example when I go to type only lets me write 250 000 25 000 both in the initial range in the final rank Thank you and sent this comment to expand the length of the fields and exports can be made from this option as it is very useful and easy to do Thanks for your feedback
Written by wilmer raul contreras riaño 30/10/12 at 14:09:34 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Interface functions and forms

I have long worked with DataEase Windows from version 6.52 to version 7.2.947, and I saw a flaw in the handling of forms and versions that can not be given options for buttons Minimize, Close, for disable power as in almost all the other programming tools, that if I give a size to form the end user can not expand, when I create a menu for an end user can disable an option or more as required, modal windows, that if I have an open form can not open another until I have open closes, another requirement is that if I have a button or any other object you can disable according to a decision. All these cases I am mentioning them I can do it but buying a DLL to a Canadian company and the DLL Compuwizard WinzInterface called, my request or recommendation is that this can be done directly from the forms DataEase form options. With the new version of DataEase 8 this will be possible? Or directly DataEase definitely can not do this kind of settings for more efficient form? Thanks for your feedback
Written by wilmer raul contreras riaño 30/10/12 at 14:48:22 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Export data from a table

Good evening from London Wilmer. I have one good and one bad news for you. This is fixed in DataEase 8. For fun I created a database with 11.000.000 records, and export the lot. Worked a breeze, but Write struggled with opening the document ;-). The bad news is that we are not in charge of DataEase 7.x, so any bug fixes etc prior to DataEase 8, you will need to discuss with Sapphire/DIL ( If you cannot wait till DataEase 8 is released, you can try to use the method described in the Sample: DQL Export in 7.2 This is a much better way of doing it if you want to do it automatically and flexibly. Define temp "expo" number . Define temp "telle" number . For All Companies2 with CompanyName between getarray(1) to getarray(2) ; telle := telle +1 . list records CompanyName in order; pUKMarketingDatabaseID ; Address ; Address2 ; Locality ; Field 7 ; Postcode ; fRegionID ; PremiseType ; NoOfEmployees ; fBusinessTypeID ; SICCode ; FinancialYearEnd ; Turnover ; ProfitBeforeTax ; NetWorth ; TelephoneNumber ; WebsiteAddress ; ContactFullName ; ContactJobTitle ; EmailAddresses ; fCountyID ; getarray(1) ; getarray(2). if telle = 1 then Expo := DataExport ("DQLEXP.DBE") . exit end In 7.2 we fixed the DataExport() function so you could include a export definition. The method shown in the DQL Export example is exploiting the actual functionality of DataEase, not the one emulated in the DQL implementation done in DFW. DataEase create a multiview i.e a dynamic joined view for any query. This view contain all the columns and data for the query. Amy FRM, Report etc is reverse engineered from an expected dynamic Multiview that is created when you search. I.e the multiview just end up containing all the columns represented in a form, but it is not limited to it. The DQL implementation in DFW is basically "ruining" the real functionality in the multiview, because they tried to make it "behave" the same way it did in DFD. What we ended up with was one that got the worst from both worlds. The reason you cannot run an export the same way as an import definition from anywhere, is due to the multiview. An export definition need a queried multiview to export, and in DFW this can only be done from the current active document. A DBE doesn't export a Table or a Form, it exports the current multiview, so that is why the only thing stored in it is field names. Another limit is that you can only add existing field names to a DBE, so you need to create it on a multiview that contain all the columns you want to export. The good bit however, is that you can use it anywhere later, and it will export the columns that exist in both the Multiview and the DBE. So what I do in the example is as follows: I create the DQL with a list record of all the fields I want to export. I then compile it and go to the DQL body. Here I "export" i.e. I create a DBE based on the mutltiview created by the DQL. I then go back to the DQL, and add this: if telle = 1 then Expo := DataExport ("DQLEXP.DBE") . exit end Now the DQL will use the built in Export functionality that exports directly from the multiview, rather than the slow and cumbersome EXPORT TO. The reason I exit after I have exported it, is that this way I don't have to wait for the DQL to finish, because it already is! In the meaningless DQL implementation done in DFW, the DQL actually run through the data twice. One the modern and hyper effective real DataEase way, and then again in single step to do all the DFD emulation stuff. So we can't be bothered with the last bit so we simply chop it's leg off. If you don't understand a word of what I have said above, don't worry. The example is in the DataEase 7.2 samples, and by studying it, you will get what I mean.
Written by DataEase 30/10/12 at 17:41:26 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Interface functions and forms

Hi again Wilmer. "DataEase for Windows gives and it taketh away..." It is not a development tool, but an RAD framework. You get a lot very quickly if you play along with it, but if you want everything to work exactly the way you want it, you spend a lot of time trying to work around it, and so far you would mostly fail in beating it. OML was an attempt to open it up and give the users more programming control, but it turned out to backfire big time. DataEase wasn't designed to allow users in at this level and a lot of GPFing and misery was the result. In DataEase 8 we go the opposite way. We haven't removed OML, but we haven't fixed it either and we don't recommend anyone to use it. What we have done instead is to add a lot of new functions that can be used directly in Field Derivations etc. Some of them are SetFocus(), SetColor(), SetValue() and SetStatus(). The functions mentioned above will simply Set focus on a field or a button, change the colors of a field, button etc, Set a value in a field from another field or button etc, or disable editing of a field or clicking on a button, hiding it, enabling it and showing it. We also "kill" the current window hierarchy model, and replace it with Tabbed Maximized document where the Record object will be centralized in the form object and dialog windows(Normalized), they can be opened as normal windows or modal. This way the user will get a better understanding of the flow of the application, ant the app will function much better in different environments. We have also create a whole new world around Memo fields, where you can use them for programming/exporting/importing/printing/web and all kind of manipulation etc. You might not have liked Memos pre. 8, but you will love them in 8. All this said, DataEase 8 is still DFW so it will first and foremost be a RAD tool where one can make an advanced app quickly, and change it quickly. DataEase 8 will be a great product for what it is meant to do, but the real new DataEase is DG3. This website is 100% made in DG3, and in DG3 you can make anything you like exactly how you like it. DG3 is DFD on steroids, but with no limitations. You can use the PRISM8 layer for what you want, the Transaction Layer for manipulating and filtering the PRISM layer and on top of that you have the full power of Ajax, Python, Django, HTML5, CSS.... Biggest problem with DG3 at the moment is that it is such a giant leap forward, that we can't keep up with documentation and development resources to support it. At the moment we concentrate on releasing DataEase 8, but after that all the marketing/product/documentation resources will focus on getting the DG3 range out there. The first step will be a development meet in London early next year, followed by one in New York. There will be limited spaces, and partners will have first denial. We have a pool of systems to be developed in DG3 on back order, and the developers that qualify will be offered to take on this work.
Written by DataEase 30/10/12 at 18:12:36 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Export data from a table

The best way of insuring a good product, it to have more than one way of doing the "same" is called redundancy. To be honest, something DFW has been really bad at. Our main goal for 8, is to expand it with new and alternative ways of doing the "job". Fixing the current way, like the horrible DQL implementations is now impossible. Why? Because a lot of people use it, and they have tweaked, turned and stretched it to try to get it to do what they want. How can we change it and insure that it work the same "cr....y" way? No we leave it alone, and implement alternatives parallel with it. That lead us onto why we are posting here... Yesterday we offered a solution to exporting intervals using DQL and the built in DataExport() function. This was as a response to a limitation in 7.2, where one can only export intervals up to 99.999. Now that we have offered an alternative, and in our mind better way from a programmatic viewpoint, we can't leave the real issue unsolved. It just smell too much of how DataEase used to be. Today we spent a little time, implementing the fix in 7.2. It is not thoroughly tested, and we neither can or want to publish a full release of 7.2, but for those of you that know your file explorer, it is rather simple to implement the fix. 1. Download this file. 2. Close DataEase 7.2 and take a copy of the file with the same name in your DataEase program catalogue. 3. Copy this file to the DataEase program catalogue. 4. Restart DataEase 7.2 and try to export an interval. Also check that everything else works and looks right. Enjoy!
Written by DataEase 31/10/12 at 15:28:52 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Efficiency DataEase In network

Hello Good Afternoon I am currently doing a DataEase development 7.2.947 for Workstations Twenty accordingly I have the following questions • When performing a procedure locally on a computer that is running is taking an average of six to ten minutes and is expected. But when I run it from a workstation this tardándose on average one hour and thirty seconds, the equipment I use for local execution is the same I use for carrying network (workstation).   Anyone know why this delay in network? Ho if something must be done configuration for faster processing? • Before this development mentioned in what I can DataEase 7.2.947 Migrate to run on the Web?, Or run directly in the Web version? Thanks for your answers Att Diego Fernando Ocampo DataEase Development Manager Colombia Defender Ltda.
Written by wilmer raul contreras riaño 31/10/12 at 18:26:48 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re: Efficiency DataEase In network

Almost funny that the answer to your question is just next to your Post. The article The Chinese Census problem - Locking explained. addresses exactly the issue you are pointing out...more or less. There is a common misunderstanding in the DataEase community that Locking is the essence of secure computing. In DataEase it couldn't be further away from the truth. I will not go into that here, you can read about that in the article, but the problem with Networking compared to a Standalone computer is two-fold. 1. A networked drive will for physical reasons be slower than a local hard drive. The drive will be shared, and the data will have to be piped through the network rather than pushed through the bus directly to the drive. 2. Locking. When you share a database on the network, the locking will impact the performance in a big way. Since modern servers don't support record locking like Novell used to do, locking need to be "emulated" by DataEase. The way this is done is via writing to a file. The stricter locking regime the more writing to the file and then reading and deleting from the file. The locking file is not indexed like a database, so when it gets big it will take more time to read and write it.... The reason we chose strict locking models is due to the thinking: "Better safe than sorry!", my refute is "Better Happy than worry!". Locking in DataEase doesn't do what you think it does! Read the article, but if you can't be bothered I have one word for you - Opportunistic Locking. Choose it and forget about locking. I will guarantee you that the speed of your procedure will increase many times. If it does, write back and I will tell you why. It must be a big procedure if it takes 6 minutes on a local drive too. If this app was originally created in a n older version of DataEase, check if the ShareLocalDatabase is set. If it is, switch it off and you will see an increased performance on your local execution too. DataEase 7.2 can be converted to 8.x and then you will be able to share your database with DG3. You will not be able to run any DFW forms, reports or Procedure (the script itself will run on DG3, but not the body etc.) directly in DG3, nor will there be any migration tool for FRM based documents.
Written by DataEase 31/10/12 at 21:22:33 DataEase for Windows 7.x

How to make a button to open a predefined webside

I have DE 7.2 and want to have a button that open a predefined webside. How do I do it? Per Bruvold
Written by Per Bruvold 01/11/12 at 07:22:37 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:How to make a button to open a predefined webside

Hi Per. You either get DataEase 8, where you can do all kind of Web Page/and Web enabled stuff directly in DataEase, or in lieu of that you look in the CDF sample app. You find it at the left of the Welcome screen. Over the last days, we have found that we refer to the sample apps more and more and two things become apparent... 1. That there is a lot of good advice/solutions in them. 2. That no-one look at them ;-) To be honest, we don't blame you. As per usual with DataEase documentation/samples, the good bits are hidden amongst a lot of .... We can promise, this will change. DataEase will be deployed with a lot of all new samples, templates, solutions, support databases and wiki. DataEase 8 has more new functions than all the previous versions of DataEase for Windows put together, but it is no point for us to develop them if no-one know they are there, or how to use them. That leads us onto the solution for your problem: Up to DataEase 8, this need to be solv with a CDF. We, the new "regime", don't think that DataEase should solve major issues and fuctionality with CDF's. We develop the software and any functionality we deem important, should be included in the product. Anyways, here it goes: You simply call ShellExecuteA an internal Windows function, and you need to configure it as a CDF. In fact, this too is an underused functionality in DataEase...You can register any DLL funtion in DataEase if you know the definition..i.e. return value and parameters expected and the name of the function in the DLL. When the function is registered (you will need to restart DataEase) you can use it as any other function, and you can call it from a Field, a Button, a DQL, OML etc. Everything in this call is fixed except the WebPage which her is refering to a field called Webpage. You can use a fixed http: address or a field for dynamic page changes.

Written by DataEase 01/11/12 at 08:09:18 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:How to make a button to open a predefined webside

Hi You need to have the Custom Function ShellExecuteA loades in the Custom Defined Function. Create a button. Action: ExecuteCDF Parameters: ShellExecuteA(getfocus( ), "","","",".",1) The can be a derivation from a field. Hope this helps Josef btw: in v8 this can be done a lot simpler, with the loaded website viewed as part of dataease interface!
Written by Josef Vella 01/11/12 at 10:41:24 DataEase for Windows 7.x

windows 7 as a server

is there any difference in the performance of my database if this is on a machine running Windows 7 Professional or necessarily must be in Windows 2008 Server R2
Written by wilmer raul contreras riaño 02/11/12 at 18:22:09

Re:windows 7 as a server

There is a lot of stuff that can impact on the performance of your database. DataEase for Windows is basically several indepenent applications that share the same files (database). The server itself perform no task, except being a file server or a shared harddrive. In general it would be better to have a proper server (hardware) that ran Windows 7, than a normal PC that run Windows 2008 R2 server, this is because the hardware in a server is set up to be good on I/O with better harddrive specs, bus, network transfer and troughput etc. When it comes to the performance of a DataEase database in a network, it is more important that the Work station has a good spec, than the server. All the work happens on the workstation, and the speed problem goes geometrical when your Workstations starts to swap memory to drive too. To be honest, if you have problems with the performance of a DataEase database when in a network, consider the following: 1. Do you run Full or Basic locking. If you are, why? 2. Why do you need to run this particluar procedure that is so heavy on a network drive? 3. It is likely that you do something "stupid" in the procedure, and that it would be more cost effective to spend some time to rewrite the procedure, than start buying more hardware. With "stupid" I don't mean that you are stupid, but there is several things one can do inadvertently that causes DataEase to stop using indexes and resort to sequatial searching etc. We have a tendency to do very complex stuff in a DataEase DQL that most other databases would simply not allow, but as long as we run it locally it doesn't even go slow. Do the same in a network situation with full locking and you need to brew a big kettle of coffee... I understand that you try to get to the bottom of something here, but I think you look in the wrong place.
Written by DataEase 02/11/12 at 19:54:23 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:What I miss most is "Interactive Mode DQL building" tool DFD had.

Just a small update here for Jeff. There will be released a DataEase 8 Reporter, which is basically DQL and Quick Report for PRISM 8 databases. YOu will be able to make simple DQLs and Reports in more or less the same interactive way as you did in DFD, but you will also be able to include Fonts/Graphics/Flow/Charts etc. Luckily the world hasn't stopped turning, even though at times it has felt like it ;-)
Written by DataEase 04/11/12 at 21:55:03 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Hi Mr Clinton, They are very similar products and anyone who has used DataEase in the past will be able to use Ffenics. I have used both DataEase 7.2 and Ffenics extensively to develop systems and as far as i personally am concerned Ffenics is the more stable product. The way i look at it is Ffenics is 7.2 without most of the annoying errors that occur when developing, although when using after development you would hopefully have a lot less anyway. However with DataEase 8 on the way (which is looking very good) you will have more functionality than both 7.2 and Ffenics and unlike with DataEase 7.2 a proper support base to fix any errors that are found and help you with your systems.
Written by Rob Birney 06/11/12 at 10:29:11 DataEase for Windows 7.x

Re:Re:Re:Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Is there some animosity between DataEase and Ffenics? Sorry for asking but I feel that I have been stirring things up. I contributed in a discussion on the FFforum and when I said that ..let me see.. SetState() is a new function in DataEase 8 that seem to do exactly what they were discussing it all kicked off.
The problem with DataEase 8 (and 7 before it) is that they keep talking about all this neat stuff but can't deliver on it. They actually have had some good ideas but it reminds me of certain cars I have seen. They have big shinny spinning hubcaps and a booming sound system but don't run more than an hour without something breaking. _________________ Graham Smith PLM Consulting, Inc.
I haven't used DataEase 7, but I am now testing both Dataease 8 and Ffenics 1.6, and so far it seems that DataEase 8 does exactly what it says on the box. To be honest, so does Ffenics. The main difference is that your box has a lot of new stuff on it when the Ffenics one seem to be the same old one. I too are worried with the product being stable etc so I get that point but does it mean that it can never move forward? I must say that I am a little intrigued with all the new stuff you promise so I hope that you will be able to deliver.
Written by Andy Clinton 09/11/12 at 12:14:22 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Hi Andy To clarify I have nothing to do with DataEase or Ffenics. But these last months I have tested DFW8, and have asked for things myself.....which amazingly were all done! So, so far promises have been kept....and to tell you the truth I have never seen so much new functionality coming my way :) I am developing a complex application in v8 and so far no also re developing one of my main solutions to far excellent experience. So no hype but actual working product...thats my experience. Kind regards Josef
Written by Josef Vella 10/11/12 at 13:37:55 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Mail from Geneva Solutions?

Hi I got a mail from somebody called Geneva Solutions. I have never heard of them, but they offered to migrate all my DataEase applications to Ffenics?` I have never heard of Geneva Solutions and I have never heard of Ffenics and I have never consented to them canvassing me either. What I wonder is how they have got hold of my email? They obviously know that I am a DataEase user. I hope that it is not DataEase that have sold my address to them but it sounds implausible when you read the intro; "If you are using outdated database tools such as DataEase ..." I must admit that I got offended when I received it. I have tested DataEase 8 for almost a month now, and I really like it. And if it is true that this website is created in DataEase, then I can't understand how they can call it "outdated". Ffenics must be really good if they think this is outdated! Anyone than can enlighten me? PS! I have emailed DataEase directly too, but they have struggled with response I try here too. Will keep you posted if they get back to me.
Written by Heraldo Jose Ramirez 14/11/12 at 11:32:38 Not product specific.

Re:Mail from Geneva Solutions?

I also received it surprisingly on a very old email address …. Not much encouraging when their website includes spelling mistakes and is Proudly powered by WordPress and not by the product they are marketing!
Written by Josef Vella 14/11/12 at 11:52:22 Not product specific.

Re:Mail from Geneva Solutions?

I have to retract the statement about response time, they got back to me almost immediately. Must be more of a change around there than just a "flashy" website. They assure me that they have nothing to do with this, and directed me both to Fenics and the Fenics forum. Turns out that Geneva is a sister company of Fenics themselves. Now the big question is how Fenics got hold of my email. About emails. I was shocked to see how much have happened here since my last visit, what about you guys at DataEase emailing us and keeping us updated a little more?
Written by Heraldo Jose Ramirez 14/11/12 at 12:15:13 Not product specific.

Re:Re:Mail from Geneva Solutions?

;-) There is a couple of spelling mistakes on this website too, but to be honest it seems like it is frequently updated so I will let that slip. Better with a lot of information and a spelling mistake, than no information and no spelling mistakes. The old website I gave up on. It might have been without spelling mistakes but it was almost without any news or content to misspell anyway.
Written by Heraldo Jose Ramirez 14/11/12 at 12:21:17 Not product specific.

Re:Re:Re:Mail from Geneva Solutions?

He He :) Agreed....
Written by Josef Vella 15/11/12 at 11:32:11 Not product specific.

DataEase for DOS and a way forward?

Good Morning We currently have a 7.2 licence, and have lost track of where things are at. I keep revisiting DataEase site with the hope that the promise finally eventuates, and reading the content on this site at the moment, indeed the future looks promising... At the moment most of our "Manual Data Capture" work is carried out in 4.53 just because it's easy, quick & robust (17+ years and still looking for a windows equivelant), especially for text based work, but we also need to start bringing in graphics so we can capture data from images and so we find ourselves working between both products. So the LegEasy products have a great appeal, because we can operate in both worlds under the same product, I think? So in short, do we upgrade from 7.2 or is LegEasy 6 a totally different product from an upgrade/purchase point of view? Interestingly and ironically. 4.53 has enabled us to keep a competitive edge, because our competitors are stuck with "hip" higher demanding database products. So even though I feel we as a business are market leaders in the data capture industry. I feel like a mad scientist who then attempts to explain the products we use and how we work. So it's now a discussion I avoid, and just pat the "smart database people" on their head. Am I alone in this seemingly impossible search? I'm hoping DE finally delivers... Regards David
Written by David Packenas 15/11/12 at 15:23:27 LegEasy DOS

Re:DataEase for DOS and a way forward?

Hi David. Glad I caught you. LegEasy is basically a "group name" or product line, for products that we make to help customers that are "stuck" in older versions of DataEase. I am an old DFD "dog" myself and for us it is easy to forget/believe that DataEase didn't only leave people behind in DFD, they have constantly managed to repeat the success. I write "they" here, but I should of course write "we". I just need to distance myself from this reality to keep my sanity. I worked for DataEase up to 1994 when DFW first came out (beta and was then called DataEase for Windows 2.0). As much as I loved DFD and had grown accepting of Express, I found 2.0 "horrible". The big news was supposed to be that DQL was finally implemented, but not anything close to the DQL that I had grown to love. It was illogical, difficult, buggy beyond belief and completely inconsistent with any DataEASE idea. I left DataEase, set up my own company and lived happily ever after, or at least till I sold my company. Suddenly I had some spare money and decided to waste it on something to improve human life... Bill Gates had already done Africa, so I decided to up his game and do DataEase. Sorry for detouring, just thought you should know a little about the driving forces... To make a long story short; 1. We have DFD users stuck in DFD because then never got a proper migration path. 2. We have 6.x users stuck because DataEase did a lot of structural changes in 7.x that causes insurmountable problems for 6.x users without really giving any real benefits. That in 7.0 and 7.1. DataEase reversed to the quality that was only bested by DFW 5.14 (First DFW version released) didn't really help. So we have two main groups of DataEase users left behind that needs a way forward, and that is what the LegEasy program is for. The route for DFD users is LegEasy DOS - DataEase Old Style which is the version I think you are interested in. The route for DFW 6.x users is at the moment LegEasy 6 Windows and then either DataEase 8 or/and DG3. LegEasy 6 Windows was really just created to help them stay in 6.x until they could safely move forward. The got an added problem (ahead of you guys) that 6.x didn't work in Windows 7. Almost by magic DFD has worked up till now, but with x64 it has come to the end of the line. I completely understand what you say when you say that DFD give you a competitive edge over other companies, because it does. In my company we used DFD for "everything" until we had recruited to many young people and they couldn't get their head around using their fingers and shortcuts, and finally I caved in and changed to a "state of the art" system. It messed up the entire business. But again back to the issues at hand... LegEasy 6 Windows - the one for sale now is a "downgrade" from 7.2 so you should forget about that one. That is the "waiting" version for people that are still stuck in DFW 5.x and 6.x If you are actively using DataEase 7.2, you should look at DataEase 8 to "fulfil" your DFW needs. DataEase 8 is still DFW, but it is a much improved and expanded version. I wouldn't go as far as calling a proper DataEase, but I can actually use it myself without getting a full blown migrain. That is as long as you stay away from DQL printing etc. I wanted to just "kill it", but someone reminded me that we needed to keep it in for backwards compatibility (I can't believe that anyone actually ever managed to use it for anything useful), but i DataEase 8 we will release a Add On product called DataEase 8 Reporter which is basically DQL and QuickReports "DFD" style for DFW. It is obviously a modern product, but in essence it is interactive DQL and QuickReports from DFD but in a modern guise and with modern features. That said....if you are a traditionalist, you can do Courier fixed font lists like in DFD. For you DFD needs, you will have to wait a little longer till we manage to get LegEasy 6 DOS released. DataEase 8 Reporter is basically half of LegEasy DOS, and the other part is the forms etc. It might also please you to know that DataEase 8 Reporter is also the DQL/Reporting module (integrated) in DG3. LegEasy 6 DOS is basically a "shell" on top of DG3 that allow you to run a DFD app "as is" and even change it/develop it "old style", but it is in reality just to prove that we can do it. We don't expect anyone to stay Retro, but in our head the proof of the pudding is in the eating... For such a long time DataEase users (especially those that migrated to DFW) have focused on stabilising their applications and get them back up to the functional level they had in DFD, so they have spent no time looking forward. We want that to stop. DFW in fact is not a bad product when judge on its own merits, the problem is that it never was. It was a bad DFD and when sold to existing DFD users, that is where the focus was. So my recommendation is: 1. If your DFD system works, leave it for now. LegEasy DOS will sort that for you, and you will move ahead of the queue. 2. For all your other DataEase take a look at DataEase 8, but focus on everything that is not DFD. Use it to its strengths and forget that it is related to DFD ;-) The SimpleFunctionTest is getting on and every time I send it to someone I think that we need to get some proper sample apps soon....we do! But it will show you a little of what is new in DataEase 8. You can have a look here on what is new in DataEase 8 Just for fun. I always thought it was something wrong with me, because I "so got" DFD, but couldn't really get my head around Access/Powerbuilder/Dbase/Foxbase etc. They all seemed illogical to me. When you try to "re-establish" DataEase you need to be a little humble and approach it like they have gotten something I haven't.... But I still don't get it. Read here:*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1.gmp_45183 This say DATAEASE to me, but people suggest completely awkward and impossible things that you have to have post-doctoral degree from MIT to take on.... I need to I wrong or are they wrong?
Written by DataEase 15/11/12 at 15:27:53 LegEasy DOS

Re:DataEase for DOS and a way forward?

I concur. 4.53 still can be very competitive you need things done in a fast way. In my company I am using DE since 1987 (yep Datamaster you recall) We even went up to the Datamaster UK headquarters in the old days to convince there were some calculation errors under some routines / conditions in Datamaster. You know, in the old days you could get things done in a fast way (for sure under 4.53) very complex matters we did in MS Access, but only with half of the fun as we had under 4.53. Its like in the arly days when you developed websites under MS Frontpage, in 3 hours you had a decent website up and running now with MS Expression 4 it's more robust and in line with all current web protocols but only half the fun as we had with Frontpage. I do sincerely hope that with DE 8 the "instant gratification/fun of creating a database application with real productivity gains fast" will return big time! You know the 7.2 interface(despite the great work underneath the hood) looks so .... sad (no offense).
Written by Stefan Weckx 26/11/12 at 19:13:06 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:DataEase for DOS and a way forward?

Dear DataEase, I too would very much like to be involved in DataEase LegEasy for Dos and DG3. I have been in previous communication with Ulrik about our site and my 25 years experience of DataEase as a programmer and IT Support person. I've used DataEase since the days of DataEase 2.52 and DataMaster ! I've developed systems in Versions 2.52, 2.53, Lan 1.12, DataEase 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.53 as well as 5.0, 5.12, 5.16 and 5.17. We still have a number of DataEase systems running in 5.16, recently moved to 5.17 and we are really eager and desperate ! to move ahead to DG3 and LegEasy for Dos. The systems we have are Legacy Systems which have been in place for over 15 years, i've supported them for the last 12 years ! and while we have looked at replacing that over the last 10 years, nothing has really come close to how we want things. I really would like to be able to view a demo or play with a demo of DG3 and Legeasy for Dos or at least be able to provide a demo or have some documentation i can show management to prove that its worth holding out for DG3 and Legeasy Dos and sticking with DataEase, as i do still very much believe in the product. Lee Oatway IT Officer Urban Vision Partnership Ltd
Written by Lee Oatway (Urban Vision) 03/12/12 at 07:57:12 LegEasy DOS

Buying DataEase 8

Hi. I have been testing DataEase 8 for a couple of months now and just wondered when I can buy it and start developing for real. 

On you site you say Q4 and that is getting very close to being over ;-)


Written by Leander Geri 11/12/12 at 23:58:10 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Buying DataEase 8

Dear Mr. Geri.

You can buy DataEase 8 as of today, but only the development version. I have a feeling that what you ask for is the deployment and distribution packages.

These will not be ready until Q2 next year or thereabouts, but I can already now tell you that you should "relax and enjoy". You will be able to distribute/deploy your applications remotely to any number of users or locations, and you will also be able to keep them updated and maintained.

When it comes to licensing, this too will change. We will have very competitive  programs for both Vertical deployment and for "one off" application development.

If you are not comfortable with starting development for "real" yet, just hold off for now and take a fresh look in the new year. We are committed to a release race now, and we are comfortable in knowing that it will be an attractive product package when it is all there.

Written by DataEase Sales 13/12/12 at 00:04:31 Dataease [{8}]FIVE


need to know if my software that runs on 32bits can be upgrade to 64bits.

Written by Robert Hoisington 16/12/12 at 14:05:12


Dear Mr. Holsington.

We need to know what software you are running on 32 bit.

  • * DataEase for DOS will NOT run on 64 bit at all.

  • * DataEase for Windows 6.x will not run in Windows 7/8 (Neither 32 or 64 bit), you will need to upgrade to LegEasy 6 Windows (6.53) which is published simply to allow  DFW 5.x and 6.x customers to move to Windows 7/8 seamlessly.

  • * DataEase 7.x and onwards will run problem free on 64 bit.

Written by DataEase Support 16/12/12 at 14:06:10


simply unfortunate.  I thought that would be relevant again DataEase for rapid application development, but start to regret having put my hopes on it.


Written by Reinaldo Neves 20/12/12 at 13:23:29 LegEasy DOS

Viable migration for Dataease 4.53?

So it looks like there is and might not ever be a viable way to migrate my dataease 4.53 applications to windows based products with out virtually re writing the entire applications?

Written by Robert Beer 20/12/12 at 15:18:48 LegEasy DOS

Re:LegEasy DOS - ON HOLD

Hi Reinaldo. LegEasy DOS was never the future for DataEase anyway. If the future is migration then we have lost. Our focus need to be on making DataEase a relevant product again. 

The future doesn't lay in the past, but the past need to be used as a reference for the future. The worst bit with DFW wasn't that it didn't migrate/convert from DFD,  but the fact that it wasn't a good enough product for developing new applications.

We haven't said that we won't make LegEasy DOS, we have just put it on hold till we find out if there is a market for a product like this. 

One sunny day doesn't make a summer and so far the DFD community has not gathered around this product.

We can't just act on complaints and disappointment, we are developing a product for the future and then we need to think contemporary.

Written by DataEase Development 20/12/12 at 18:05:38 LegEasy DOS

Re:Viable migration for Dataease 4.53?

DataEase DOS is just put on hold until we find out if there is a market willing to pay for it out there.

The sad truth is that this product should have been there 20 years ago and it can now look like the train have left the station.

We can't make a product just because we made a big mistake 20 years ago and the future for DataEase is and never will be with migration old applications. If we can't manage to develop a product that do today what 4.53 did in the early 90ies there is no future for DataEase anyway.

We want more than anybody to be able to complete LegEasy DOS but our main focus need to be on DG3 and DataEase 8. The first is the future of DataEase and the second is the current.

If LegEasy DOS can fit in here we will develop it, but we can't prioritise it without having a firm commitment from our customers.

It is no big secret that DataEase has let it's users down several times over the last 20 years, but we need to move beyond the past and start focusing on the future.

We need customers that can do the same and that wan't to both buy, develop and sell DataEase applications.

Written by DataEase Development 20/12/12 at 18:17:44 LegEasy DOS

Requirement version 8

good afternoon

I am currently developing an application in version 7.2 but really I want to spend as version 8. with locks shareware and not returned to me, nor let the 7.2 versions'm urged to try and continue with development. The cost Me 10 licenses as the version 8 upgrade costs me that I have 10 licenses in 7.2 to 8

Written by wilmer raul contreras riaño 20/12/12 at 21:49:19 Dataease [{8}]FIVE


Sorry DataEase Support,

DataEase 6.5 runs in Windows 7. Windows 8 I have not tested.



Written by Wolfgang Fischer 21/12/12 at 07:25:23


DataEase 6.x up to 6.52 does not run on any Windows 7 or Windows 8 neither .x86 or x64 "out of the box".

You can get it to start by doing some "hacks" but it won't work properly anyway. We have done more than 50 major fixes on memory handling alone in LegEasy 6 Windows (6.53). Memory handling is different in Windows 7 x64 etc and a lot of memory buffers gets to small in 6.x. It might work for a while (maybe for ever in some cases) but for most users it will crash (GPF) quite quickly.

If people can get their 6.x to work without upgrading that is brilliant, we simply offer an out of the box solution that will work and that we will continue to update and fix as problems arises. 

All the best,

DataEase Support

Written by DataEase Support 21/12/12 at 12:01:59 LegEasy 6 Windows

Re:Viable migration for Dataease 4.53?

In my opinion migrating a DOS app to a Window app is a mistake.....unfortunately been there, done that...sufferred consequences :(

DOS is not Windows and Windows is not DOS.  Things are done differently.  So my advise, stock take your current application, add a vision to where you want to arrive and develop in DataEase 8.  




Written by Josef Vella 21/12/12 at 16:04:27 LegEasy DOS

migration from 7.23 what issues with DQL, OML scripts; choice lists

Written by Edward Gordley 23/12/12 at 00:07:12 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:migration from 7.23 what issues with DQL, OML scripts

There is no issues with either of these things in moving from 7.2.x to 8.x.

Moving from 7.2x to 8.0 is not a migration, it is a transition. Everything will work as before but you get a lot of new functionality. Migration doesn't work as it implies that functionality will change and that one try to migrate old functionality into new.

In 8 we have left all the old functionality as it is and added new and alternative functionality instead. This means that everything done in 7.2x will work the same, but you can choose to do things in a different way in 8.

Written by DataEase Support 23/12/12 at 18:54:30 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:migration from 7.23 what issues with DQL, OML scripts

Will it run faster on in a network environment; What is the target license cost for a deployable copy of an application?

Written by Edward Gordley 29/12/12 at 01:27:41 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:Re:migration from 7.23 what issues with DQL, OML scripts

Hi again. DataEase 8 will run slightly faster than 7.2 in any environment and it will run faster on a network but that is simply because we have tweaked the default settings. 

There is no change in Network handling in 8.0 compared to 7.2 but the default configuration is changed from Basic to Opportunistic. 

You can do this on your 7.2 and 6.x application too and it will vastly improve performance.

You can read about it here.


DataEase 8 Developer (Formerly known as the full version) will be priced at £359 but there will be multi-buy discounts. We already have a 5 Group Developer version priced at £1499 which is a 17.5% discount on the full price.

But I guess this is not what you ask about but rather the deployment versions. 

There will be several different tracks for deploying DataEase applications in the future and there will be a clear distinction between developer tracks and retail tracks.

Our goal is to make DataEase a tool of choice for a much larger group of developers, so we will offer a much more flexible licensing and deployment model. For instance the application developers will have the option of packaging and licensing their own DataEase distributions.

Our main customers are Partners and developers, not end users. Anyone that develop software for someone else is a partner in our definition, and anyone that develop software for themselves or "in-house" is a developer.

Lets assume that you are a "in-house" developer that want to deploy a 10 user networked system. 

You will need one developer version to do the development and maintenance and you will then need 10 Group Licenses for your users. They will be able to use the application but they will not be able to do any changes other than data.

The price for this set-up will be:

LifeTime License*  1 x £359 + 10 x £199 =  £2,150 

12 Months PrepayAndGo:    1 x £119 + 10 x £66 = £779

Written by DataEase Licesning 29/12/12 at 12:18:47 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Ffenics Shut Down?

I heard rumours that Ffenics had stopped trading so I went to the website and there is nothing there. 

It made me really worried. Anyone that know what is happening?

The web page is gone, and the forum is gone...

I try to email people, but nobody gets back to me. I was worried as little to nothing has happened over the last months but I hadn't expected this.

Anyone that is in the know? I am heavy into Ffenics so I have to admit that I am more than a little worried now.

What about Migrating from Ffenics to DataEase 8, will that be possible?

Written by RatherNotSay 14/01/13 at 23:39:25

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:DataEase or Ffenics - What is the difference?

Hi guys. My first post in this forum. I am an industrial chemist but I have spent a lot of time designing technical DFD systems for major blue chip clients in the UK. I also used to run official Sapphire DFD courses in London and Manchester. For over 20 years, my business has run entirely on DFD, but it becomes more difficult to operate on every successive release of Windows. I have now started coding in ffenics and, whilst it has a bit of a learning curve if you are used to DFD, the results can be worth it. We have redesigned our business system from the ground up in 5 months. There is an active and very helpful forum. As well as the familiar DQL language, there is a powerful scripting language and a host of additional functionality. We have eliminated paper invoicing. We now generate pdf order confirmations, invoices and statements with system-generated filenames, and email these direct to the customer from within the application. Global variables can be assigned that remain live rthroughout the session. Working with network printers is also very easy. Exporting to and calling Excel from within the application are useful for more advanced data analysis. I would love there to be a DataEase windows application that lived up to its DFD brother.

Written by Gil Fleming 14/01/13 at 23:42:48 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Ffenics Shut Down?

Dear RatherNotSay

I think they are replacing/updating their website and have had some technical difficulties. They have definitely NOT shut down. I telephoned them today and was answered immediately.

Written by Gil Fleming 14/01/13 at 23:59:45

Re:Ffenics Shut Down?

Firstly. Please don't use this Forum for speculation and rumours about other products and especially Ffenics. 

It was very tempting simply to remove your thread, but as censoring is against our policy and a lot of people might have picked up on these speculations, we find it better to leave it and allow people to refute/comment on it as Mr. Flemming already have.

We have nothing to do with Ffenics, and we definitely don't plan to build any migration tool etc, to migrate Ffenics applications to DataEase 8 0 or any other DataEase product.

Written by DataEase 15/01/13 at 06:34:32

Ffenics alive and kicking!

"?Ffenics have confirmed to us today that their primary website is down but that business continues as normal.  For more information please refer to their Facebook page?"

Ed Paice

From DataEase!

Again we have to stress: Don't use this forum to spread rumours, and if you choose to do, at least have the guts to do so under a full name! We don't want to have to be more restrictive with this forum, so please try to behave!

Written by DataEase 15/01/13 at 09:53:18

DG3 Web Development

I run a  welding business that has and is using DataEase for almost all tasks. We started in 2.53 and have gradually moved up through the versions and we now have most of our systems in 7.2. 

We are very happy with DataEase but we are expanding both geographically and on to the web. As all our systems are in DataEase we now use import/export into a MySQL based Web system, and even though it works fine it is not very flexible an efficient.

We had a look at WebPublisher some years back, but it was too limited so we gave it up. 

I kind of had given up that DataEase would come around to our needs, but this DG3 stuff looks promising. I understand that it is not yet ready for sale, but is there a way where we can get you guys or someone else to make us a DG3 based web portal on top of our existing DataEase 7 (8?) system?

As this would increase the value of our systems dramatically, we are prepared to pay the price.... 

Written by Herbert Oakwoods 15/01/13 at 23:58:20 DataEase Generation 3

Re:DG3 Web Development



This site is fully database dg3 driven.  I had the honor to see and test some versions of dg3.....and the level of flexibility plus ease of use once you get the concept are great. 



Written by Josef Vella 16/01/13 at 18:05:52 DataEase Generation 3

Re:DG3 Web Development



This site is fully database dg3 driven.  I had the honor to see and test some versions of dg3.....and the level of flexibility plus ease of use once you get the concept are great. 



Written by Josef Vella 16/01/13 at 18:05:52 DataEase Generation 3

Re:DG3 Web Development

Dear Mr. Oakwood.

We are currently completing several stand-alone DG3 system as well as portals on DataEase for Windows systems for a select group of customers. We stopped taking on new projects 4 months ago due to the amount of requests we received, but we will soon invite customers for another round of development projects.

Our goal is to educate as many new developers as possible in developing in DG3, so the next round will be a joint venture with a group of new developers, and we will together with them offer DG3 Web Development at fixed prices.

Please send us your phone number on and we will contact you to discuss the details.

Written by DG3 Customer Testing 17/01/13 at 22:31:47 DataEase Generation 3