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Personalized Page Number on a report

Started by Marco Marchesi
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Personalized Page Number on a report

Hi Dataease, I need to realize as simple report (list records) having a personalized page number. I mean the page number must be the real page number + a starting number typed in the data-entry form. The format of this particular page number must be : "Pagina : YYYY/NNNN"  where YYYY represent a temp variable containing the Year and NNNN the personalized Page number. Have you any idea how can I do it? Thanks. 

Written by Marco Marchesi 14/02/19 at 13:51:52 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Personalized Page Number on a report

fields in headers/footers in DQL Documents are very fragile but you should be able to insert a virtual field with the following formula.

current page number + getvar("StartNumber") .

And then you set the startnumber in a setvar() in the beginning of your report.

define "retval" text .
retval := SetVar("StartNumber",data-entry startpage) .

Written by DataEase 14/02/19 at 21:26:58 Dataease [{8}]FIVE