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Removing Forms whose Primary Table does not exist

Started by Peter Birney
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Removing Forms whose Primary Table does not exist

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When migrating a database from V6.52 to V8.5 I end up with some Forms which have Primary Tables which do not exist (They are shown in the list of Tables in V8.5 but I cannot open them or delete them).  In the same manner, I cannot open or delete the Forms.  I have managed to delete the Forms (Which automatically removes the entries in the Tables list as well)  by using a hex editor to alter the OE shown in the snippet below to OF in the APPL*AAA.DBM file.  Please confirm or otherwise that this is a reasonable thing to do.

Written by Peter Birney 17/03/19 at 18:35:06 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Removing Forms whose Primary Table does not exist

Hi Peter.

You don't have to use a hex editor to delete stuff in Application Objects.

Delete records in Application Objects as Application Objects is a bug standard DataEase table (strictly speaking RDRR is close too. It is a DataEase table but not bug standard).

You can simply delete records with a DQL.

delete records in Application Objects with Object Name="MyTable" .

You can even create a Relationship between a form and Application Objects and then go to RuntTime and hit f10 and jump into it ;-)

The problem with deleting you experience basically comes down to "short sighted development" of the catalogue.

Luckily 8.5 is the last one with this catalogue and you will not have this problem in the future.

We have done a big revision of "dogma" in DE9 onwards (truth be told we did that in 8.x too). and we have decided that there is no reason for keeping things secret from the developers.

So many things in DFW5-7.1 was done to stop the developer "harming himself" which in reality just stop developers achieving their goal/ambition with the product.

In DE9 we develop the entire interface in DE9 which means you can in principle edit and change everything from the Catalogue to toolbars in both RT and DT.

It also means that you will have a 100% control of how your application is used and received by your userbase.

Written by DataEase 18/03/19 at 14:40:56 Dataease [{8}]FIVE