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DataEase 8 is almost here....

Started by DataEase
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DataEase 8 is almost here....

Dear All. We are today introducing our DataEase Blog in anticipation of the upcomming DataEase 8 Release, followed by LegEasy DOS early next year and finally DG3 Web Framework in the middle of next Year. We have kept a low profile over the last year, when we have concentrated on product development. You might think that silence is a bad omen, but in reality after many years of "neglect" in the product development department, we needed the time to focus on making DataEase a contemporary offering again. DataEase 8 is the last version in the DG2 (DataEase for Windows generation), and you might think that it is the same same all over again. We are sorry that we have to disappoint you. DataEase 8 is the most radical version of DFW so far. Instead of doing the normal "spring clean", we have attacked it with a carving knife, hammer and nails. So far very few of you have had the pleasure of aqauinting yourself with DataEase 8, but the ones that have has been very positively surprised. The reason we have kept a low profile on DataEase 8 is that we want it to be a positive experience for all of you, instead of a disappointment that you so sadly have become used to... Over the next couple of weeks, we will struturally release updates on the changes in 8 with some potentially uses and examples here on the blog, and when we feel that we have got you all in the right mindset, we will give you access to the real thing. In DataEase 8 you can do almost all the things you never could in DFW, but you have to use it in a sligthly different way, and what we don't want is for you to get 8 and simply go on using it like you have 7 or 6. If you are not interesting in exploring and learning something new, we recommend that you simply use LegEasy 6 or DataEase 7.2 if you are happy there. DataEase 8 is for the venturer, andventurer, explorer i.e the brave and curious!
Written by DataEase 10/10/12 at 19:25:10 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:DataEase 8 is almost here....

Dear All I have the pleasure and honour to be already using DataEase v8. It has a range of new features, improved interface.....but above all it works! I do beleive that this is the version us DataEasers have long been waiting for. Many thanks for an excellent product. Josef
Written by Josef Vella 11/10/12 at 12:28:58 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:DataEase 8 is almost here....

Hi Josef I 100% agree with you. What a nice experience it has been to try out version 8.0 - till now just for one day. I abandoned Dataease after using the last DFD version for my applications. When DFW took over I gave up. But I am now back on "the band wagon" thanks to this brave team of software entrepreneurs that have taken over DataEase development and publishing. I wish them all the best ! Best regards Christian
Written by Christian Mikkelsen 19/11/12 at 07:18:54 Dataease [{8}]FIVE