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New Function in 8 - GetCurrent() - Returns some long awaited values like AppPath, DePath and MyDoc (Ver.

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New Function in 8 - GetCurrent() - Returns some long awaited values like AppPath, DePath and MyDoc (Ver.

DataEae has been a little "wobbly" on referencing external stuff like Images etc.

There is an Imagepath in Application Preferences, but it has been rendered "defunct" so many times over the years, and nobody is really sure how it works anyway, so the only safe bet has been to leave stuff directly in your App catalogue, or in the DataEase program catalogue itself.

For the messy people amongst us, this is OK, but even we get problems after a while when we can't find what we are looking for in an overgrown forest of .DBM .TDF .FRM .TMP .PNG .BMP etc.

This problem might have been surmountable in older versions of DFW, where it was limited anyway what you could link into your DataEase forms. In DataEase 8 this problem has become insurmountable, because you can now simply link in almost anything via our new WebField class etc.

Traditionally this was often solved by developers insisting that the App should be installed on C:\etc on the same path every time, but is this practical?

As a programmer I don't like leaving thing to chance or customers, I need to know that my app will work wherever it is put, so isn't it better to simply be able to deduct where you are, and include this information in the paths?

We think so, so we have included a new function and called it GetCurrent in honour of the old and lovey current functionality in DataEase.

At the moment it returns only 3 values (but this will be extended as we progress and realise the need...)

GetCurrent("AppPath"), GetCurrent("ProgrPath") GetCurrent("MyDocuments")

The return value is string, and I guess the arguments is almost self explanatory, but for the slow amongst you:

1. AppPath = Your applicaiton path ex. C:\Users\Ulrik\Documents\My DataEase\7.3.Bug Apps\Andrey\UniqueID 2. ProgrPath = Where DataEase is installed ex. C:\Program Files (x86)\DataEase\DataEase 8.0\ 3. MyDocuments - Where MS wants you to store your documents ex. C:\Users\Ulrik\Documents

All the above is genuine paths returned by GetCurrent just now for your enjoyment...

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