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Changed Functionality in 8 - <New Relationship> can now create any relationship! (Ver.

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Changed Functionality in 8 - <New Relationship> can now create any relationship! (Ver.

Some times one is allowed to be egotistical...especially if one is in charge of DataEase Development...

One thing that annoy me beyond belief is unnecessary restrictions and obstacles, and to be honest DFW have had its fair share of them.

I am a liberalist and a libertine, so if it doesn't harm anybody allow it.

In the "new" Relationship dialog, that is used to create ad-hoc relationships in Field derviation, Multibox etc, the following restrictions was implemented, even though they do not exist in the "full" Relationship form.

1. The table and the field had to exist before you could relate them. A little stupid when you are just about to create the table and the field, and the relationship is part of the derivation of the said field... Lots of good reason for this I guess, jaba, jaba, jaba....won't listen! No good reason that flies with me, since the normal relationship form is opportunistic, why can't this one be too. Who decided that this one should be an accountant?

I decided against it, and you can now create relationships before the table or field is saved, I trust you will save when you are finished so you don't overfill your Relationship table, it will be slow when you reach a couple of millions.

2. Next annoying thing is that it force you to have minimum one related field. Again why? In the "full" Relationship form you can make a relationship between two tables with no restriction, and it is a great feature.

Who said that a relation without restrictions wasn't a relation?

So out goes restrictions, and you can now create a unrestricted relationship between an "unexisting" table on an "unexisting" field or simply between an unexisting table and a "real" table.

Your choice.

DataEase is a tool to make Data Easy, not a mind control game!

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