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Changed Functionality in 8 - Virtual Memo fields allowed - Greatest feature so far! (Ver.

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Changed Functionality in 8 - Virtual Memo fields allowed - Greatest feature so far! (Ver.

On thing that amaze me when I work with DataEase for Windows, is how "moralistic" it is.

If I bought a tool (most of you have stolen it, so you can't complain ;-) and paid good money for it, I would hate it, if it didn't do what I wanted, but instead was constant lecturing me about how I am wrong.

I am one of these people that do anything if I can't understand why not. It brought me a lot of trouble in shcool, but as I got older and a little smarter, it has really benefited me. I realise that the rear stairs of the planes are open even though no one else are using them, that food on a table might be for eating even though nobody have eaten it yet etc.

A lot of the time when I ask why, people give me a long lecture on why but it very often doesn't "fly".

Just because someone think something should be like it always have been, doesn't mean that it is right.

We will spend a lot of time on Memo fields over the following months, as they are the undiscovered gem in DFW.

With the assumption that Memo fields are simply a yellow post-it sticker, that people are supposed to type in their grocery list on, I understand that a lot of why I will suggest and do is rendered meaningless, but if one assume that Memo fields are something else. If one imagine that they are the new playing ground for DataEase application development and manipulation, what then?

A virtual Memo fields is completely meaningless if you are going to use it as a Post-it note, but if it is a programming engine, maybe not!

I promise you that if you follow my Memo and WebField "master class" there is at least one thing you will take with you, that Virtual Memo fields are the best thing since ...just forever!

A small change for DataEase but a giant leap for DataEasekind!

(Simply check that virtual checkbox in the Field Definition dialog)

Written by DataEase 24/10/11 at 11:40:35 Dataease [{8}]FIVE