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New Function in 8 - SetFocus() - Move the cursor/focus to any Field/Button (Ver.

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New Function in 8 - SetFocus() - Move the cursor/focus to any Field/Button (Ver.

When the SetValue() function is implemented in a couple of days, the Keystroke CDF lovers will get competition. To be able to direct the next action/input from the result of a previous have been a wished for functionality in DataEase "for ever", but for some reason the resolution has not been quick in arriving... For those of you that have delved into the obscure and dangerous way of OML know there is a Method called "Select". Promising.... But first you discover that nothing happen, and when you check the documentation:


Not implemented in 6.0. When implemented, Select will select an object - essentially gives focus to that object. Turns out that it was never implemented later either.... We even checked if our "Big Brother" had fixed it in their DataEase aka Ffenics ;-), with the same result both in the program and the help file, and they won't fix it for a while because it says "Not implemented in 6.0" there too, and they have only gotten to 1.6... Ok, enough fun. As you might be aware of now, OML is not the way forward for DataEase, so we try to implement the most "useful" features as functions in DataEase 8, so it will be more "accessible" to the wider community. OML is implemented with the same flair, risk aversion and shoddy attitude that gave us the DFW DQL. It was a great idea, but as many other "great" ideas in DFW, it was not followed up by great work, and eventually left like a couple of dirty socks on the bathroom floor. If you don't already use it, forget about it, which lead me back onto the matter at hand (I love this Blog formt...:-). SetFocus(), I am sorry but there is not much to say, that hasn't already been said in the Subject Line. Function that set the cursor/focus on any field/button that you want, it will return....NOTHING! Why? All the new Manipulation functions return nothing, this way you can use them as part of any formula/derrivation. concat("One","Two",SetFocus("Field 22") or in a numerical field... Field1+SetFocus("Field 22"). Fun?
Written by DataEase 26/10/12 at 09:43:11 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:New Function in 8 - SetFocus() - Move the cursor/focus to any Field/Button (Ver.

I know that we can already set any Tab order we want. I use this to fill in a form. I have tricked it a little so that it can follow different paths through my form depending on the starting point, but what I am struggling with is to "point" on the right field depending on choices made. Do I read it right that with this function I can point it at any field I want from inside the derivation of another field? If this is true, it is brilliant ;-) Only thing I can say then, why not before?
Written by David Mills 01/11/12 at 16:21:41 Dataease [{8}]FIVE