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New Function in 8 - SetValue() - Setting a value in any field from a button or another field (Ver.

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New Function in 8 - SetValue() - Setting a value in any field from a button or another field (Ver.

The new Set functionality have now come full circle with SetValue().

Traditionally DataEase functions have been limited to being just that...functions i.e. something that do a job and return the result.

In DataEase 6.x we introduced a scripting language called OML that was supposed to make DataEase a "proper" programming language. I think somebody forgot that the strength of DataEase is of being DataEase and not of being C++. 

Very few ever took to OML so most of our users was left without any opportunity to manipulate "windows style" their applications.

The future of DataEase is both functionality and ease. Our feedback is that our "demographic"...i.e. you are comfortable with derivations, virtual fields etc. where you can get instant feedback on if it works or not. 

This is why we in 8 have focused on making new functions that can be called from anywhere, including from buttons, derivations, DQL, OML etc.

SetValue() is the latest addtion to SetColor(), SetFocus(), SetState(), MemoCopy(), MemoMemoCopy().

What all of these have in common is that they set a value or manipulates another field/object than the one that they are called from and they return absolutely nothing! So strictly speaking, they aren't function, but heck it is some great functionality ;-)

SetValue() needs to be used sensibly, but then we think you will do. 

It will set the value in the first object that matches the name you use and it will convert properly between field types, but if you push it, it might not work.

string(0) SetValue("objectname",value)

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