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Catalogue Help Revamped!

Started by DataEase
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Catalogue Help Revamped!

With 7.0 the catalogue help arrived and as so much of the stuff that arrived with 7.0, it wasn't finished or thoroughly thought through so it ended up just being annoying.

In 7.2 we used it as a Read Me file where all the changes and updates was listed, but as there was no service for it's update it quickly grew stale.

The Catalogue Help is basically just a Web Browser and since we have implemented a lot of Web Functionality in 8, we thought it was high time to use this object to something useful too.

This is a dynamic window that we can use to feed you information, tips and tricks, and that is exactly what we now will use it for.

As of today, we have implemented the DataEase 8 Blog, Freetext search of all help resources, the User Forum and the Function Lexicon.

This is just the beginning and we will implement a full "mini web" inside DataEase 8 to help you with your development and to make it easier for you to keep in touch with us and use with you.


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