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DataEase 8 Update - Automatic set-up of optimum Browser Object (Ver.

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DataEase 8 Update - Automatic set-up of optimum Browser Object (Ver.

We have now implemented a fix that will automatically enable the internal IE object for optimum performance. The default of IE as an internal browser object is IE 7. 

We have produced a How To on how to change this is previous versions of DataEase 8, but this is no longer necessary as DataEase 8 will now do this check itself and set the necessary Registry Settings for emulation/compatibility.

The version will be set as follows:
XP - IE 8. 
Windows 7 -  IE 9
Windows 8 - IE 10 

As DataEase 8 use the IE installed on your computer you will only get maximum effect if you have installed the latest version available for you OS. 

It doesn't matter if you have installed DataEase 8 and then upgraded IE later. DataEase 8 perform this check on start-up and if you have upgraded your browser you will get immediate effect on next start-up of DataEase 8. It is enough to close DataEase 8 (all instances) and then start DataEase 8 again. 

No restart of computer is necessary.

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