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DataEase 8 Update - Negative Side Effect of Speed up Project fixed.... (Ver.

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DataEase 8 Update - Negative Side Effect of Speed up Project fixed.... (Ver.

Now and again we get reminded that DataEase 8 is a big development project in its own right. We are operating on a live patient here, and that is always "exciting".

One of the goals for DataEase 8 Development is to make the product "smooth", "slick" and fast. DataEase for Windows has been looking dated and "home made" since it was released and a variety of "failed" improvements over the years have left its mark. 

You can only look at LegEasy 6 Windows in comparison with DataEase 7.2 and you realise that something went wrong from 6 to 7. There is an added flickering, multiple resizing and re-painting of windows etc. that has become an added feature. 

We have cleaned up a lot of code and reduced this to almost nothing, and our goal is to get rid of it altogether before the release. A lot of this is caused by "insecure" programmers that do an extra refresh here and another there just to make sure that the end result is OK even thought he way there is horrid. Add loading a lot of "unnecessary" code "just to be safe" and you have 7.x

We have removed a lot of this in 8 where we couldn't see any good reason for it being there, but we were bound to get repercussions....

And we now found one. Calling Run procedure from a control procedure. 

It simply would run the loaded it, but didn't run it. It turned out that it was related to the procedures being called as Forms...when called from Run Procedure and we have disabled special case coding for Procedures that was part of Forms (Increased the load speed of a form by 1000% or reduced the time by 90%, take your pick). It worked with no side effects in Procedures, but when procedures was called as Forms....not so good. 

Fix was simple, just call procedures as procedures....Our guess is that they put the code into forms because they couldn't figure out why procedures was called as forms...(or where...).

Hope this hasn't caused to many problems.

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