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DataEase 8 - Important Fix - Layout/Output/Orientation/WYSIWYG - Reports/DQL/Print (Ver.

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DataEase 8 - Important Fix - Layout/Output/Orientation/WYSIWYG - Reports/DQL/Print (Ver.

There has been a "nasty" bug in DataEase 8 when calling a procedure/report from a script/DQL/Button where the Print Settings has been ignored and the output is done to default settings.

The problem was old and go back to the "beginning" of DataEase for Windows but it was unmasked when we cleaned up the print/display routines to make the faster and cleaner.

It turned out that all documents called from any of the many document functions was automatically a form in all functions and the fix for this in older versions had been to run the initialisation routine for printing on all document opens. We removed this in 8 and only call it for the correct documents and the correct events and opening a form is not such an event...

We have now rewritten the code so all documents are opened as "themsevles" i.e. reports as reports and DQL as DQl and that the mode they are opened in is recognized i.e. show, design, print.

Big rewrite but it is now much smoother and faster.

Written by DataEase 06/03/13 at 12:38:15 Dataease [{8}]FIVE