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Doing a action redirect based on live content in a web edit page

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Doing a action redirect based on live content in a web edit page

When you make an edit page you often want to  redirect to an other page based on the values in one of the fields that are on the page you save. Then the "livelive" functionality comes in handy. As save on an edit page uses ajax as the transport to the server, you can use the values in the fields on the web page by looking them up.

This is how it is done:

Select on of the actions that ends on redirect like "dataconnect.updateredirect" and in the one of the redirect fields use the syntax /toapp/topage/0/?lookupfield=[[ onpagefield ]]

How it works:

the first part is the name of the page as you would create any url. The query part starting with ? is doing the trick. lookupfield is tha name of the field in the main table set on the page you are redirecting to. The [[value ]] is the "livelive" tag that do a direct look-up in the field in the web page. Mind the name is the element name and not the table field name. Usually these are the same, but you can manually set your own when doing manual field mapping. There is no restriction on where you can use the "livelive" in a redirect, so you can use this to calculate where to what page to show in the redirect as well as using it for a query.  Ex. /[[ myhiddenfield ]]/

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