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How to run nginx web server as a service

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How to run nginx web server as a service

As nginx web server officially do not support to be run as a service in Windows, we have to do a few tricks to make it work as a service. This means that you have to use DG3 to stop the service or kill the processes manually after using services to stop it. To be able to use the superb reload configuration when deploying applications, you also have to make sure that DG3DS and "DG3 nginx" are run as the same user or that the DG3DS process have rights to kill the nginx.exe processes.

One way to make this work is to change the user of the "DG3 nginx" service  to log into the same account as the one used to run DG3DS. Right click on the service and select properties->Log On->This account and enter the same user that is running the DG3DS.

Written by DataEase Development 11/04/13 at 12:04:10 DataEase Generation 3