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Official Relase DE8 Classic in July.

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Official Relase DE8 Classic in July.

We are now working on the official release version of DE8 Classic so there will be no further updates available for download of DE8 until the official release.

DE8 will come in two developer versions:

DE8 Classic which is the "big" version of DE8. It will be the bridging version between "Old style" DataEase for Windows and "New style".

In DataEase 8 we will make a break with the old adage of Designer and Runtime being the same product. We feel this "policy" is detrimental to both so we will focus the Design Tools (Develeopers) more on being good at making the applications and then we will release a set of Runtime Tools that will make distribution and deployment smoother and more transparent.

Designer Tools:

DE8 Classic - (Include old design tools for old style DQL/QBM and OML etc. but will at the same time include all new DE8 functionality and will be able to integrate with DE8 Reporter functionality).

DE8 Native - (Design tools for old style DQL/QBM and OML will be removed and replaces by DE8 Reporter DQL  and reporting and DQL events).

Both tools will produce the same Application/Database structure and both tools will be able to open and run any DE8 Application, the difference is purely in the approach to designing an application.

DE8 Reporter - This is the new reporting/printing tool for DE8 and DG3 products. It is based on DG3 technology and the designer/user will finally be able to easily create smart looking and simple as advanced reports easily and quickly. It builds on the DFD Quick Reports approach rather than the QBM approach of DFW. It also contains full interactive DQL and the link between Design and Logic is free as in all DG3 products. Simply replace a table with a DQL under a layout and it will seamlessly work. Design of layout is quick drag and drop, and formats are document/flow oriented.  

DE8 Reporter is showing the face of the new DataEase and you will be able to build reports across databases by including data from several applications in one separate report.

Runtime Tools:

DE8 Group - Traditional DataEase for WIndows "full version" runtime environment based on DE8 Classic where design time is disabled. Simply open any "open" DE8 app as long as you have the login credentials.

DE8 Player - New runtime environment that will run a DE8 application "native" and in full screen mode. All traces of DFW has been removed and the environment is native to the application. The designer will be free to make the application look and feel his own, but at the same time he will not be able to rely on any DE8 Framework functions. Everything the designer want to happen, he need to incorporate in the forms etc.

DE8 Distribution Kit - This is the specialist distribution kit for deploying vertical applications as install packages. You will need to use DE8 Distributor to create the install/runtime packages. Applications distributed this way will be fully encrypted and can not be opened by any DE8 design tool. Applications will follow the DE8 Player native guidelines, and will be distributed as a single file for download or media distribution.

Support Tools:

DE8 Distributor - With this we fill a big hole in the DE world. DE8 Distributor allow developers to maintain applications remotely and to create single file distribution/deployment packages which contain the DE8 Distribution kit as well as the application. After initial deployment Developers can deliver updates either by remotely connecting to the distribution and do an automated diff/update, or by producing an update package and distribute this in the traditional manner.

DataEase licensing partners will also be able to license software directly from their Distributor.

DE8 Pump - The pump technology allow DE8 applications to be run as independent local installations when at the same time sharing data with a central application. DE8 is a data-replication engine that can be configured to update data from "immediate" to any interval the user prefer (every 5 mins, hour, 12 hours, day, week..) depending on the need for data to be synchronised. DE8 pump will not only be able to replicate with other DE8 apps, it will also be able to replicate data with any major database. DE8 Pump is not based on the application that share data being a copy of the central database (it could be of course) but on matching tables and data to any remote table (there don't need to be a match in column/table name, you can override the default matching) so you can in reality have a distributed app that is built on as many remote DE8 apps (and other databases) as you please.


We don't mention DG3 much here, but that is because we now want to focus on the DE8 "experience" as the chain of upcoming releases are around this technology. Most of the DE8 tools apart from DE8 itself and the runtime engines, are based on DG3 technology and all future DataEase products will be developed on this platform.

DG3 is still in full development and as a new and advanced platform for DataEase product we will release products that compliment and enhance the user experience. DG3 has been used in projects for over 2 years now, and we will keep on (together with our expert partners) to develop both independent Web systems as well as Portals on DE8 applications. The current DG3 "full" version is a very advanced piece of kit that need an expert approach. It is very quick and effective tool in capable hands, but we do not wish to release it as a general product because it will need a lot of follow up and support. 

We feel that DataEase should be simple and that you should be able to use DataEase without any training/help other than the available resources. DFW has in many way never been in that corner, but that is our goal again for the future, and we will keep on releasing products when we feel they have achieved this.

For now we concentrate on getting DE8 Classic out there on official release and to get our early adapters and loyal developers started on developing applications for their own use and for general sale as fast and as much as possible.

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