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DataEase 8 Classic Developer RC1 released Today

Started by DataEase
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DataEase 8 Classic Developer RC1 released Today

We are speeding ahead towards full release later this months, so our RC1 is now available for download/installation.

The RC1 still miss a lot of the final configurations, like a full complement of samples/templates etc, but it is very close to how the DE8 Classic Developer release will be like.

DE8 Classic will not be a static product, so it will continue to be updated as DE8 native development continues, but everything you have build and will build in it will continue to work the same way, you will only get more ways of doing stuff as well.

We have included one sample in it, and that is the NoOffice CRM sample. Username in usermode is email/email and to access it in Design Mode it is High/High.

Please download and have a go.

You will find it on our Download Page

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