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The web page caching module in DG3

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The web page caching module in DG3

The last addition to the DG3 product line is file based web page caching (version 0.16.1035). Caching works by regenerating dynamic pages only in certain interval and not every time a page is loaded. The pages are then added to the cache and loaded from there on subsequent requests until the page cache times out. This can be used to significantly speed up costly queries.

This is how you can use it and how to configure it:

The DG3 caching system has two different modes: cache all or cache specific. The cache all can again be configured to only cache anonymous users or both anonymous and logged inn. All pages with different query string or header will result in a different page in the cache.

Setting up caching must first be done in "Application settings". You will find a check box called Caching on pages. If you set a check in this and press save, the cache module is activated the next time you deploy the application. Caching is on deployed application only and not active in development. The cache files can be found under "deployed application\webserver\filecache\name of app\" if you should ever need to delete the cache. When the cache is activated, you can  start using the cache on individual pages. A new tab in page properties called cache will appear where you can check the "Use caching on page" to turn it on for all query versions of this page. You can set an individual time out on each page or if left blank the default set in "Application settings" will be used. If nothing is set anywhere 60 minutes are used as a default.

If you rather want to cache your whole site, you can just activate one of the settings in the "Application settings" dropdown called default caching. Your choice are "all" or "anonymous". All caches all pages and anonymous only caches pages for users not logged in.

The two last settings are to control the default time out (nothing for all pages is defaulted to 5 minutes) and "Cache max entries" that control how many pages are stored to the cache before the oldest gets deleted (default if left blank is 300).

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