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Small Sample - ExecDQL() Show manipulation of Data/Form/Documents/AutoClose...

Started by DataEase
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Small Sample - ExecDQL() Show manipulation of Data/Form/Documents/AutoClose...

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One of the big news in DE8 is ExecDQL() and we are sorry that it hasn't been properly documented and promoted yet.

Hopefully there is so much other new stuff in DE8 to keep you busy that you haven't really gotten to it yet... But if you have (a lot of you have and have asked questions about it) here is a little sample.

This sample basically just generate some data, delete data from a simple button with a direct ExecDQL statment:

ExecDQL("Delete records in TestTable .","","","","","")+SetLabelText("Status","All records in TestTable deleted!")

This statement simply delete all the records in TestTable and update the label with the status that it has been done... simple stuff.

Then you can execute the DQL and it will generate 1000 records for you to play with in the next DQL.

This line simply update the status with the latest happening...

telle := SetLabelText("Status", concat("DQL Populate with TestTable 1.000 records: ",current time, chr(13), "As you can see, ExecDQL is blitzingly fast...")) .

These small babies simply tell the form to jump to the next record (next DQL) before it open the Table.

telle :=RecordNext() .

telle := documentOpen("TestTable") .

TestTable will automatically close after 5 seconds and you will return to the previous form which has now moved on to the next DQL for you to play with...

We only have 3 DQls here so the last will simply clean up and close the application...

More fun to follow!

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