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How to extend user with field from a DataEase table in DG3

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How to extend user with field from a DataEase table in DG3

In the current version of DG3, we use a special table for users and authentication. It is not the table used in DfW, but a completely separate entity to satisfy the need of session and group security on the web. The build in DG3 user table contains just a few fields like username, first_name, last_name, email and password and a few support fields. The password is never stored in DG3, just an encrypted salted hash value.

In a normal application, you might want to store more than this and have it available on all pages where you need to be authenticated. To enable you to use any table in DataEase to supply additional field to DG3 standard user table, we have added a few settings you can use to make the connection. Mind all fields in the record are added to the live field user, so add fields with care as you will look up and add all the field to any authenticated user.

The settings:

DG3USERTABLE The table to be used for adding field to user
DG3USERLOOKUPFIELD The field in DataEase table used as unique key
DG3LOOKUPKEY The field in original user used as key. Can be:
id, username and email

The settings can be found in Application settings below session and is available from DG3 0.17.1089

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