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How to list data from special tables in a Data view in DG3

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How to list data from special tables in a Data view in DG3

In the current version of DG3, we use a special table for users and authentication. It is not the table used in DfW, but a completely separate entity to satisfy the need of session and group security on the web. In the same way as any other table in DG3, you are able to list the data in these tables using a Data view. The only difference is the name of the special tables. This is how to access and use them in the Data view.

You start adding a data view in the ordinary way by adding a data view from the page elements. When you select a Live table for the view, you have to navigate to the bottom of the list. There you will find the special tables prefixed with xdg3.tablename. When selected, you can add any fields as live text in the ordinary way.

All this is available in any versions of DG3 from 0.17.1089.

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