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DataEase 8.1 Pre-Release Version updated (Ver.

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DataEase 8.1 Pre-Release Version updated (Ver.

First release of many in 2014! Happy new year!

We are currently combing through 8.1 to remove annoying problems and inconsistencies to make it more streamlined and consistent.

One such inconsistency was the lack of Mouse Wheel support for scrolling in subforms which has been fixed in this version.

We have also started a practice of closing forms when opening other forms so you can open the form with the new setting instead of returning to the old record. To achieve this you simply fire a DocumentClose()+DocumentOpen("MyDoc"). This caused a GPF at some instances due to the DocumentClose() trying to close the wrong document and this has now been fixed.

We have also added DocumentCloseNamed("DocumentToClose") so you will be able to close a named document from another document. This is in line with our new policy of "pushing" and remote control.

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