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DataEase 8.1 Pre-Release Version updated (Ver.

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DataEase 8.1 Pre-Release Version updated (Ver.

A lot of our more advanced users that use Memos extensively and particularly for manipulation and with MemoExecDQL() have reported that some times the memo "clips" or is cut at 255 characters. This mysterious behaviour has been reported before, but as it has mostly been a visual problem - the Memo is restored if saved or form updated - it has not been prioritised to be fixed before.

As it turns out it is an old "sin" as one of the refresh routines for fields, the one that refresh fields when a derivation in a virtual field has been triggered was not updated to take into account that field controls could be longer than 255. This omission was done when Memo was originally implemented as far back as the clocks go ;-)

Memos are increasing in importance day by day and is now possibly one of the most important features in DataEase with the new RichText editor, memo manipulation class, ExecDQL etc.

The main trigger point for this fix now, was that Virtual Memos that is used for uploading DQL Scripts from a DQLStore table sometimes clipped and the code was incomplete. As these are used extensively in modern DataEase programming this is/was a serious problem.

It is now fix, but please report any side effects if found.

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