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DataEase 8.1 Pre-Release Version updated (Ver.

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DataEase 8.1 Pre-Release Version updated (Ver.

To those of you that thought DE8 development had concluded, I am sorry but I have to disappoint you ;-) The updates are coming quick succession now! After a slow period over the holidays, we are back in full steam and a lot of new functions and functionalities are yet to be added to DE8 before it is where we and hopefully you want it.

This update see the new function DocumentCloseNamed() which basically is the complimentary function of DocumentClose().

It is a sad truth that DataEase for Windows pre DE8 has been very "introvert". The focus has been on deriving fields, processing in situ and "object oriented" handling i.e. that objects have to look after themselves.

To be honest, this is not how people think and work so in DE8 we are focusing much more on linear processing and active management. You are the programmer and you should decide what should happen and when.

DocumentCloseName() is part of this strategy. You can open a Document from another Document but up till now there is no way that you can close a document from the same place. The document need to close itself or you need to close it from inside the document. With DocumentCloseNamed() you can simply issue the close instruction from anyhwere.

In 1444 we have also sneaked in some memory leak fixes and removed all the old Import Definitions (DBase IV, Lotus 1-2-3 etc) that didn't work and if they worked, nobody had the files to import with them.

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