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The password change link code must manually be updated

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The password change link code must manually be updated

When we did an update of the underlying Django web framework from 1.5.x to 1.6.x, the password change link has been update from 36 to 64 in length. This means that you manually have to change this code in your DG3 authentication module, since this is using the build in authentication of Django and authentication support links are done as an application template. It not updated by rebuild all in DG3 since you can change the design of the reset link pages.

This is how it is done

First make sure you have updated to at least DG3 0.17.1102. Then open your application and do a rebuild all. Then you have to do the manual update to one page. The change is simply to open the code of the pages, change all references of 36 to 64, save and refresh the page. The page to change is found in authentication and named passwordresetdo. Open the page and switch to Code editor. Then use the button "show generated view code" to open the view code. Then locate "Custom view code instead of the generated" and change all 36 to 64, press save beside the custom dropdownand then switch back to Design form, press save and refresh page.

Page to update

Old code
New code

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