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DataEase 8.2 Developer - ALWAYS able to switch to Design Mode and view Catalogue

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DataEase 8.2 Developer - ALWAYS able to switch to Design Mode and view Catalogue

Somewhere along the line from DataEase Express to DFW the ability to switch to Design Mode when you started an application with a Start-Up document was introduced. 

It is not hard to realise why it was done, but like so many other "hard coded" features made in DFW it was kind of "disastrous". It was obviously done because the FULL (i.e. developer version of DataEase) was used in production and there was so many loopholes to get into Design Mode, that the easy fix would be to disable this feature if the application started with a start-up document i.e. in "user mode".

Only problem is that when you send out samples or demonstrations, or even when you run an "open" application in-house it is quite nifty to be able to start a page that give you some instructions on how to proceed before you "switch" to Design mode and do your coding bit. 

We have called DE8 full version for Developer for since the release of DE8 and this is the start on why. 

Over the coming months we will make a much clearer split between the design part of the tool and the runtime environment. 

This "joint venture" that DataEase has stuck to since DFD 1.0 is completely out of sync with time, methods and technology and is now more than ever more of an problem than a feature.

The design/developer environment need to focus on making the development/deployment and maintenance experience as effective and smooth as possible and the like wise we need to make the Runtime experience smooth and professional.

The latter will mean that DataEase will become less prominent and invasive in application execution and the user will simply start and install an application delivered by the developer as his own "branded" product.

So what about changes/maintenance etc. of the applications?

That will fall to the development side of the product. Here we have already developed a technolgoy called DS (Deployment Server) that is already being successfully used with DG3 deployment and will soon also be available for DE8 developers.

So the first little crack in the separation between development and application deployment happend today with the removal of the hard coded disabling of DT. 

Watch this space for the next little crack!

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