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Update to Function Lexicon in DE8 Catalogue.

Started by DataEase
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Update to Function Lexicon in DE8 Catalogue.

It was pointed out to us today that the Internal website in the DE8 Catalogue was suffering from neglect so we have spent some resources today on "brushing" it up a little. While doing this we had a quick run through the online function help and it is obvious that we need to spend some time soon updating it so it will properly showcase the function. We have updated today with a short description and in places with at least a short functionality and purpose description.

We freely admit that at the moment we have too much going on and things like documentation etc. is suffering but this will improve dramatically when the products reach functional completion. 

We really appreciate everyone that contribute on the forum, and don't be shy. If you find something we have forgotten or something that should be there (forgotten or not) feel free to tell us. 

Written by DataEase 12/09/14 at 18:52:26 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Update to Function Lexicon in DE8 Catalogue.

Lexicon now showing past P thank you :)

Written by Simon B 15/09/14 at 15:43:29 Dataease [{8}]FIVE