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DataEase 8.2 - GetCurrent updated with a lot of new features (Ver.

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DataEase 8.2 - GetCurrent updated with a lot of new features (Ver.

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GetCurrent() is our "jack of all trades" where we add useful info features.

It already return RowNumber, RecordNumber, File positions etc.

The latest additions are:

GetCurrent("Width"[,"Objectname"]) - get the current width of an object (without optional Objectname it will return width of main window).

GetCurrent("Height"[,"Objectname"])  ex. GetCurrent("Height","MyObject") will return the height of MyObject .

GetCurrent("AppName") -- Will return the name of the current application.
GetCurrent("WindowName") -- will return the full caption of the current window.
GetCurrent("DocName") -- will return the document name of the current window .
GetCurrent("DocFileName") -- Will return the full file name of the current FRM file.
GetCurrent("WindowState") -- Tell if the window is normalized, minimized or Maximized. This can be used in combination with Maximize(), Normalize() etc to change the windowstate if it is "undesirable"...

Download the sample above and you will see all the different features for yourself.

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