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Upgrading to DG3 0.19 manual steps

Started by DataEase Development
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Upgrading to DG3 0.19 manual steps

DG3 0.19 is the last Alpha version of DG3. This holds the last missing module before we have all needed for the first stable API for DG3 web library for DataEase. Due to the change of storage model for for sending data from the web interface and into the DataEase databases, you must do updates to your custom views (views where you have written the Python code). Since all tool functions used by DG3 now have been moved from the generated code, to debcore.viewtools, you have to add the following line to your "Extra dependencies used by the code":

from debcore.viewtools import splitgdict, readquery

Written by DataEase Development 15/12/14 at 12:55:44 DataEase Generation 3