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DataEase 8.5 GROUP - RELEASE!

Started by DataEase
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DataEase 8.5 GROUP - RELEASE!

There has been some discrepancies between GROUP and FULL that has caused problems for our customers. 

These problems goes way back into 8.2.

One of the problems is related to HTMLEdit not working in GROUP. This was due to some registry values so the security kicked in and disabled this feature in 8.2 group.

We have fixed this in 8.5 Group but since development of 8.2 is concluded, there is little we can do about it in 8.2.

There is a workaround for 8.2 group and that is to rename the executable from degroup.exe to dataease.exe, which is what the security moduel is expecting.

We have decided to release 8.5 group for general use as of today. There is still a lot of new features and changes to be done to 8.5 before full release, but as this is new features it will not affect 8.5 GROUPs performance.

Please feel free to use 8.5 group in production instead of 8.0-8.2 Group.

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