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WARNING! Console Class Removed from DE8.5. DE-Supported from

Started by DataEase
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WARNING! Console Class Removed from DE8.5. DE-Supported from

We are getting closer to full release of 8.5 and is doing a revision of ideas and functions included under the DE8 program.

ConsolClass was introduced in 8.0 as a better way of helping to trace and debug in DataEase.

As things have progressed we have realised many things and one of them is that this is not the way of DataEase.

It has hardly been used, and not even by our own people.

In ExecDQL you don't need it and as traditional DQL is being phased out these function is already obsolete.

Put that on top of a hard to work around limit of 256 functions in PRISM and it is a non brainer.

5 never used functions that can be traded for 5 new and important functions.

So from onwards these functions is de-supported.

ConsoleCopy 22 July 2014
ConsoleMemoCopy 22 July 2014
ConsoleShow 22 July 2014
ConsoleWriteToFile 22 July 2014
MemoConsoleCopy 22 July 2014

Written by DataEase 12/08/15 at 08:44:56