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DataEase 8.5 - Build 1918 through to 1976

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DataEase 8.5 - Build 1918 through to 1976

Silent before the storm...

You might have felt that it has been unusually quite from us over the last months, and you might even have worried a little ;-)

The reason is simple, we are getting very close to release of 8.5 so we have worked on finalising functionality and interfaces.

Up to now we have published functions as quickly as we have "finished" them to get them tested but lately we have implemented new core functionality and support functionality.

DataEase 8.5 is not just a number, it is basically the first "modern" DataEase which you will realise more and more both as you use it and as we progress through the release program.

Version 1918 through to 1976 (and beyond) has been dedicated to a couple of functionalities that might not be "Immediately" useful to you which is why we haven't published much about them and won't talk to much of them yet.


Remote is basically DE85s ability to read and write to remote data sources (like the upcoming DataEase Server) and any other JSON datasource.

Remote() also have specialised functionality for reading and writing emails (including Memo bodies, attachments etc) via POP3/IMAP and SMTP.


This is our new "system" function that is used to read and interpret/return data outside of DataEase but local to your application.

The first implementation of Get() is reading DataEase for DOS Report Repositiores and Documents and convert them to HTML/Text.

Get() will be used in the new DFD migration Application that will be published as part of the Full DE85 release next year, but nothing should stop you from exploring it yourself before that.

The rest of the many updates in this span is internal stuff for managing licensing and looks for DE85.

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