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DataEase 8.5RC1 - ExecDerivation() - New Function/New Sample (Ver.

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DataEase 8.5RC1 - ExecDerivation() - New Function/New Sample (Ver.

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We had to delay release of 8.5RC1 with 24 hours due to a late discovery of problems related to language support outside English speaking countries.

Not so bad that it can't be good for something....

It meant that we managed to shoehorn in another addition to the product. 


Basically just a function that can execute a function or a number of functions etc. called a derivation.

What is the point of that you might ask?

You can create dynamic actions i.e for the first time can you program what a button (or anything else for that sake) shall do when you click it after the fact.

Up till now, the button was pre-destined to fire the same (though advanced if you wanted) script every time you hit it.

Now you can fire a Derivation that is stored in a field or passed to it through a global variable or one generated on the fly.

You can control what happens on close document for instance based on processing in the app.

We made a sample a couple of days ago, that would save on close if there had been editing in the document but simply close if not.

Anyway, have a look at the attached sample and see if you don't think it is a good idea after...

My bet is that you will use it for many of your ExecDQL needs and fixed action programming in the future...

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