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Simple Calendar in DE85 using ExecDQL with Body ver 1.0 - Will be continued....

Started by DataEase
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Simple Calendar in DE85 using ExecDQL with Body ver 1.0 - Will be continued....

Download Calendar Sample

It is Christmas after all so why not give you guys another little "present" ;-)

As you say, time is precious but we need to keep you guys interested and on your toes.

This is just a simple example, but it should put you on the right path.

We have only listed UK holidays and show how you can draw the calendar in a WebField and how you can use Timer() to trigger the change or month without leaving the SpinField.

There is a lot of small goodies everywhere, but you have to look and find so view this as a Christmas Quiz... ;-)

We will expand on this sample in the new year and show you how you can use Drag and Drop inside the Calendar to populate it and how you can use the Web/PRISM bridge to trigger activity in the form and save data generated inside the WebField.

But as the request was for a sample that show code then I guess we should leave it to you now to "rip it off".

PS! Remember that this is just a combination of very straight forward technologies. The DQL is just generting a text document where you can do multiple levels. The output can be something simple as a text invoice, but it can also be very advanced with a lot of included code (HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS etc etc.)

You can in principle combine these technologies any way you like and achieve any result.

Imagination is the code ;-)


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