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New Version of 8.5 - Recommended update from 2172!

Started by DataEase
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New Version of 8.5 - Recommended update from 2172!

Typically after the full release of a version you will get some frequent updates to correct bugs discovered by our vigilant users.

This versions fixes a serious bug with QBF (Write protected fields could not be searched etc), and a new fix to an old fix:


This was fixed in 8.5 so you would read the RDRR to get the correct TDF/DBM from the donor application. Before the fix DataEase assumed that the TDF/DBM would share the name with the FRM. This was an assumption that was wrong in more than 90% of cases as FRMs never chagne name and TDF/DBM change name every time you do a change to the table and save.

Due to changes in Windows 10 an old bug (DFW 5.x) caught up with us and the function used to pick the FRM name would return blank (only late Windows 10 due to better buffer control to prevent GPFing..;-)

So now these problem will cause things to not work in DataEase rather than simply kicking you out....

There was another problem too which is now fixed which is related to DE85 having and updated file format, so when installing documents from older versions of DE8 or 7, 8.5 would revert to the default i.e. suggest TDF/DBM with same name as FRM.

Test and give feedback!

PS! Remember new features only work in the latest version, so update before you test!

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