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Time to let go of DataEase Backup/Restore.

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Time to let go of DataEase Backup/Restore.

DataEase backup/restore was discontinued in 8.0 (almost the first thing we did…;-)

The reason for removing them was that DataEase backup had not backed up the entirety of a DataEase application for a long time and the most important reason ? the compression algorithm change the application so what you get back from a restore is not the application you backed up.

  1. 1.It is not a proper Backup Solutions.
  2. 2.It is outdated
  3. 3.It is unsafe
  4. 4. and it no longer works!!

This has in many ways been looked on as a feature in DataEase circles as it cleans up your application, but from a backup (as in security) it is a disaster as you might inadvertently create a problem in your backup which will prevent it from restoring the application properly when you need it.

Our choice in 8.0 was either to change DataEase backup so it would keep up with contemporary standards or discontinue it.

The decision was simple. Discontinue. There is now entire business areas that concentrate on this alone (and do it safely and securely) and there is no need why DataEase should supply their own built in solution.

Secondly the best way to keep a working copy (and bring it with you) is simply to zip down the catalogue containing the DataEase application.

This is in-obtrusive as it will not change any of the files/the application. It will include all the files in the catalogue, and it will make a simple single file container that can be transported and saved anywhere.

It is also quick, so one can do it frequently and hence keep a lot of working copies that one can revert to throughout development.

One can simply copy files from the zipped directory and past it back into the application without any need to ?formally? restore the entire application etc.

There has been a lot of reason for including (and removing) features from DataEase over the year but sometimes we have been way to slow in removing outdated features.

One such ?feature? is the ability to store more than one application in a catalogue.

This was a ?necessity? when there was no catalogues only diskettes A: B: and storage media came at a premium.

The need for doing this went away very early in the DOS range (around DOS 2.0) I think but we didn?t change this until 8.5.

There is no GOOD reason for allowing people to create more than one application in one catalogue, and plenty of GOOD reasons WHY NOT allowing it…but it took close to 30 year for us to block this.

The reason we retained the functions was for backwards compatibility as migrated applications that had used them would get into trouble when migrated if the functions was removed.

In 8.5 the format has been expanded and changed a lot so I guess the Backup/Restore feature no longer has the ability to backup/restore all the necessary files so the time has now come to remove the functions entirely.

Please let us know if there is any other reason for using DataEase backup then the ones stated above.

PS! We are looking into making routines for compacting and cleaning up DataEase applications which there obviously is a need for but they should be ?branded? as such and not as something as important as Backup.

Written by DataEase 01/03/16 at 11:24:32 Dataease [{8}]FIVE