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Update to DE8 Sample CRM App.

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Update to DE8 Sample CRM App.

Updated CRM Sample

IT has been reported problems with the CRM sample in 8.5, which is related to it not having been migrated to 8.5 from 8.0. 

No excuse or defence but our task lists are very very long and sometimes our decision/priority algorithms get it wrong.

We have a principle that we don't wast time on things that are going to be "scrapped" soon, simply because we don't have enough time as it is and we need to focus on the important stuff.

However, this becomes invalid when "soon" become years....

The CRM was a fantastic "experiment" in what DE8.0 could do compared to earlier versions of DataEase for Windows, but as a DE85 application it is borderline amateuristic.

We develop DataEase as we develop in DataEase i.e. we try, fail, try again, learn and then in the end we have a solution.

We learn a lot from making applications like the CRM sample, and what we learn we feed back into the decision/priority algorithms above.

Our plans was never to "fix" the CRM sample but build a new one from scratch, which is why we haven't touched it since 8.1.

Obviously this was a wrong decission, especially since it became incompatible with 8.5.

However stupidly focusing on the tasks at hand is how this small team has managed to make such progress in such short time (DataEase 8.5 is just a small part of the development in this company) so obviously we will get it wrong and step on some toes in the process.

We have this morning done a small ELU (end life update) of the CRM sample to make it work in 8.5. We have also fixed a couple of niggly bugs and made it a teeny-weeny sleeker.

Sorry for the trouble.

One of the "news" are full screen Map on Customer.


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