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Getting Started with DataEase for Windows 8.5

Started by Fatma Adel
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Getting Started with DataEase for Windows 8.5

Welcome to DataEase 8.5 community! 

Are you completely new to DataEase for Windows (DFW)? We'll help you learn how to get started with DataEase, explore and learn the basics of DataEase 8.5. We'll show you how easy it is to start developing your own application by yourself.

This is the Startup Screen that you will get first when opening DataEase 8.5

 Open Sample: to open the sample applications embedded with DataEase such as the CRM application.

2 Open Recent: lists the most recent applications you have opened.

3 Create New: to create new applications.

4 Open: to open an existing application in your computer.

5 and 6:  Press the ESC button in your keyboard to get rid of the [Welcome Screen] and be able to access the two menus File and Help.

Next step..  How to create a new application.

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