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LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

We all know that seeing is believing and a lot of you have been a little "peeved" by the fact that we haven't had a Beta program for this release.

So now is your chance. From today till Midnight on Wednesday it is a free for all to try the "All New" DataEase for DOS.

Strictly speaking there is nothing to it.

Just download the software here:

Updated Version 15.06

Then use this key to activate it:


Then it is all set to go.


This trial is now over. We will issue personal Trials when we publish the Full version later in July.

Watch this space.

Written by DataEase 10/07/16 at 18:56:14 LegEasy DOS

Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

is this version onfy for DFD 5.xx or also for DFD 4.53?

Written by Rainer 13/06/16 at 08:44:50 LegEasy DOS

Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

Window SIze and some Keyboard Shortcuts.

? [Win]+F11 decreases, [Win]+F12 increases the font and window size.

? [Win][Ctrl]+C copies the window to a file, opened by the default Windows program for text files.

? [Win][Ctrl]+V pastes the Windows clipboard into the LegEasyDOS Keyaboard buffer

? [Win][Ctrl]+mouse click starts selecting a rectangle block of text. Drag the mouse and release the mouse button, the selected text is now in the Window clipboard.

Written by DataEase 13/06/16 at 15:49:19 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

I am trying this out. ESC and Number keys does not seem to work. What am I doing wrong here?

Written by Jeyarajah Arulrajah 15/06/16 at 22:32:16 Dataease [{8}]FIVE

Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

This version is only for DFD 5.x, but it will migrate your DFD 4.x application.

We started with 4.53 but as the development progressed we realeased that the benefits of moving to 5.x far outweigh any presumed benefits of staying in DFD 4.53.

  • 5.x is inter-operable with LegEasy 6 WIndows
  • We have developed DataEase Connect 6.x/5.x whcih will allow you to read/write directly to DFD 5.x tables (but not 4).
  • We are currently working on DataEase Server LegEasy Connect which will allow you to query data (read/write) on DFD 5.x via the Server in JSON format which hence can be used by any modern tool. You will also be able to run DQL stored on the server directly on top of DFD 5.x data. 

We will publish a 4.53 version too, if nothing else for the share novelty of having done it but our recommendation will still be to move to the 5.x version if you run multi user and intend to keep your system and integrate it with modern tools.

Written by DataEase 13/06/16 at 10:17:25 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

Does it matter if I take DFD 5.16 or DFD 5.53?

Written by Rainer 13/06/16 at 15:54:50 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

No. The differences between 5.16 and 5.53 is negligible and not related to the forms etc.

Written by DataEase 13/06/16 at 20:48:06 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

migrating from 4.53 to 5.53 I get the error "printers.get not found -1" and "repoform.get not found -1".

please help, what is wrong?

Written by Rainer 14/06/16 at 15:01:25 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

Most likely language version problems. Did you migrate from DFD german?

Written by DataEase 15/06/16 at 15:43:56 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

yes, DFD 4.53 in German.

Written by Rainer 15/06/16 at 16:20:09 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

We will make Language versions too.

Can you ship your version to us? Maybe upload it to the forum as a hidden upload. Then we can look through it and see what is different to english.

Do you prefer DFD 4.x or 5.x?

Written by DataEase 15/06/16 at 16:28:00 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Personal FREE TRY!

So far I only use 4.53 in German, but your arguments for 5.53 sounds good, so I wanted to look how the migration to 5.53 works. I do not have a Version 5.53 in German only in English to try it on a 32 bit PC.

If I get a Leg Dos Version German for 4.53 with network functionality it would bee very good also.

Written by Rainer 15/06/16 at 16:35:08 LegEasy DOS