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LegEasy 4DOS Quick Start Demo (Movie)

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy 4DOS Quick Start Demo (Movie)

It is a pleasure for us to release this "missing link" in The DataEase Infrastructure chain.

From June 13. 2016 you will be able to run your DataEase for DOS applications AS IS in Windows 7,8,10 etc. You will also be able to use any WIndows Printer (including PDF) and the presentation is by default again Full Screen "DOS" but with True-type Windows Font rendering.

And when the professional version is released you will enjoy modern Networking with improved performance etc.

But for now, lean back and enjoy this first presentation and if you want to go for a test run yourself simply download the product and use our time limited absolutely free trial key (no strings attached).

Just download the software here:

Then use this key to activate it:


Then it is all set to go.
Username: User
Password: User

Written by DataEase 13/06/16 at 11:14:23 LegEasy DOS