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LegEasy 4DOS Updated version.

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy 4DOS Updated version.


Updated version 13.06.16

Automatic resizing of app when Window is resized.
Added Window/Dialogued Running of DFD Session.

YOu can now run your DFD session either as full screen or as a Window with or without a border. You size it in % of main window and it scale seamlessly.

You can also resize it in run-time with the following useful keyboard shortcuts:

? [Win]+F11 decreases, [Win]+F12 increases the font and window size.

If you need to Copy/Paste information into/from the Session you can use the following shortcuts:

? [Win][Ctrl]+C copies the window to a file, opened by the default Windows program for text files.

? [Win][Ctrl]+V pastes the Windows clipboard into the DOS keyboard.

? [Win][Ctrl]+mouse click starts selecting a rectangle block of text. Drag the mouse and release the

mouse button, the selected text is now in the Window clipboard.

PS! Beware that when you re-install LegEasy 4DOS you will overwrite the settings in your old application so you will need to set up your sessions again. This is intentional as it is just a test at the moment and we need to reset all settings when we improve the product. 

Written by DataEase 13/06/16 at 20:48:35 LegEasy DOS

Re:LegEasy 4DOS Updated version.

I installed the new release, but now I can not save the application name (all fields with browse for app). In the first release it worked.

Written by Rainer 14/06/16 at 07:45:16 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:LegEasy 4DOS Updated version.

Sorry. It was a glitch in the testing ahead of releases. 

It has been fixed and new compilation off 2385 is now available at the download.

We are also working with a new update so you won't loose your setup when updating.

Written by DataEase 14/06/16 at 10:41:26 LegEasy DOS