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LegEasy 4DOS - UPDATE 11.07.16

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy 4DOS - UPDATE 11.07.16

Dear Legacy and LegEasy User.

It is now close on a month since we released the first version of LegEasy4DOS (L4D) and the response has been fantastic.

What this tell us is that our hunch was right and that DFD is still a popular product out there today more than 20 years since the last proper release.

We are currently working on the Professional version quickly followed of 2.0 of Personal.

We have learnt a lot from the early/first release of LegEasy 4DOS Personal that we have put to very good use in our completion of Professional as well as Personal 2.0.

Quick summary:

1. It was wrong of us to make it look like DataEase for DOS as this has confused a lot of you and made you think that it is actually DataEase for DOS when in reality it is a thoroughbred Windows program - We will change this so that the Admin interface of LegEasy4DOS will be not resemble DFD at all.

2. We had assumed that the form factor for people running LegEasy 4DOS would be the latest version of WIndows with a minimum of HD Screen. This was wrong too. Most of you run WIndows 7 and have screens smaller than HD. This made our layout look muddled on some screens so we are now changing the layout to an adaptive layout.

3. The default setting for screen was Full Screen. This too is too "retro". We were just so happy that one could again run DFD in full screen mode that we went a little over board. We realise that you run Windows for a reason so the default will now be 75% Windowed with border.

4. Printers were initially set up to be used in DOS mode (Raw). This too was a mistake as most people don't have a DOT Matrix printer any more so the wait till full page default on modern printers in text mode was not a good feature. Now the printers are set in full automatic Windows mode.

5. Copy/Paste - DFD never supported this feature but it did under DOS in WIndows and we hence need to include this feature in LegEasy 4DOS too. The first implemetnation was too awkward so we will improve it.

6. Direct start - To go via LegEasy4DOS to start your DFD sessions can be a little "awkward" so we are implementing a feature to set up direct access to your sessions from your Startup-Page, Desktop, Taskbar.

7. Use your own DFD - In the first version we have packaged DFD as part of the offering and we will continue to do this but as there is a "million" versions of DataEase for DOS out there in all kind of adaptions and translations it is impossible for us to offer a version for each individual need. We are only able to guarantee that the version of DFD we ship with the product will work, but there is no reason for you not to be allowed to try to use your own and if it works that is great.

The reason we didn't opt for this approach initially is that getting DFD to run in a modern environment is not easy (the sole reason really for creating this product) so we needed to test thoroughly with a version we knew and could work with.

Now that we have gotten more experience we have looked into getting other versions of DFD to work too and in general we think we have cracked it but as there is so many we can't be sure.

8. General Bug fixing - L4D is a completely new approach for us so there is a lot to learn and fast. We have found a number of bugs but not many that would affect the majority of you, but still....they need to be fixed and so they will.

Written by DataEase 11/07/16 at 08:59:41 LegEasy DOS