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DataEase 8.0.2325 - Optional Wrappers added to HTMLEdit, WebField and Advanced Webfield

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DataEase 8.0.2325 - Optional Wrappers added to HTMLEdit, WebField and Advanced Webfield

Webfield, Advanced WebField and HTMLEditor has been around since DE 8.0 and has been a great addition to DFW.

However these features will now be used for many new areas like the new DQL editor, Reports editor etc.

We are also including next a version of the Advanced Webfield wrapper that support the new and exiting jsBridge that bridge The WebObject with PRISM so you can read/write and execute any derivation from the web object the same way as you can in a normal form.

This is revulotionary and will enable  you to build advanced and flexible web forms on top of a native database. You will even be able to host these forms on a central server and load them remotely in your WebObject and then read/write to the local database.

We take advantage of this already in the LegEasy4DOS Professional project.

Anyways, this is not about jsBridge but about the exciting new ability to add a flexible number of Wrapper for these object.

Not only have we made this feature for ourselves, but we have also added the same feature for you to exploit in your applications.

In this feature we have only included a set of new HTMLEditors to allow you to chose which version of CKedit you want to use in your app.

A lot of you have complained about the big toolbar in HTMLEdit and now you can choose Small, Medium, Full or "default" i.e. the one that has been there up till now and which has been modified by us to include picture upload etc.

To select the different versions of CKEdit simply insert a HTMLEditor field (Memo/HTMLEDIT) and then select Display.

In Display you will see the addtiion of Wrapper next ot the Table View Options.

Select the one you want and off you go.

This is obviously only the beginning of this feature as we can add HTML based editors that will help with your development as we see fit from now on.

We are already looking at a HTML/HTML editor and our development team are working on the upcoming DQL and Report editors as we speak.

They will all be HTML based and shared throughout the DataEase product range.

But now over to the exciting bit.

You can add your won wrappers in RDRRxAAA.INI and they will be displayed in the dropdown the same way as our standard wrappers.

They will only be available for your application but and you have to duplicate the settings for new applications but hey....that is no biggy when you can add your own wrapper with style sheets etc to either present your HTML or even your own editors.

There is some rules if you want to make your own HTMLeditor object but hey why bother? Read about jsBridge and you can simply create your own logic to save the content of any Editor or otherwise in a field, table etc.

The only thing you need to do is to add the same settings as in DataEase.ini to your RDRRxAAA.INI














AwebWrapperName_X is the name of a Advanced Web Wrapper

And I think you get the rest.

PS! You can of course also add your own wrapper in your DataEase.ini file as it will not be overwritten after first installation except when we force an update (NOT OVERWRITE). But make sure you don't use the next available number as that might be replaced but count down from 99 or something ;-)

Good luck.

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