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LegEasy4DOS - Fix of Pasting in

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy4DOS - Fix of Pasting in

No new products without some snags.

One of them has been pasting information into L4D.

It has "woked" but it most of you must have assumed it didn't because it was soooooooo slow!.

As it does use the keyboard buffer for pasting, blitzing speed can not be hoped for but it should happen within the same day ;-)

This is now fixed and it works at an acceptable speed within the limitations a DOS environment is working under.

Copy/Pasting is for different reason a little different than what you might be used to.

? [Ctrl]+C copies the window to a file, opened by the default Windows program for text files. (changed from WIN-CTRL-C in this version)

? [Ctrl]+V pastes the Windows clipboard into the DOS keyboard. (changed from WIN-CTRL-V in this version)

? [Win][Ctrl]+mouse click starts selecting a rectangle block of text. Drag the mouse and release the

mouse button, the selected text is now in the Window clipboard.

Written by DataEase 20/07/16 at 10:12:05 LegEasy DOS