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LegEasy4DOS Professional - Service Problem.

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy4DOS Professional - Service Problem.

Dear All LegEasy4DOS users.

Due to extreme load of traffic on our new LegEasy4DOS Service we have had problems with the service over the weekend.

We have worked hard on correcting this today and it should now be corrected for all users.

The problems has been related to you being able to store your settings on our server and similar problems.

This has now been rectified and operation should be normal from now on. 

As this is a brand new product/service there is sadly going to be some theething problems but we will sort them out in short order, but please notify us if you experience any problems so we can fix them as soon as possible.

Written by DataEase 08/08/16 at 21:21:56 LegEasy 4DOS