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LegEasy4DOS Professional - Print Margins and Raw (ver.

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy4DOS Professional - Print Margins and Raw (ver.

You guys are moving ahead so fast it is hard to keep up with you.

In the latest version we have implemented full 16M memory capability as well as Margins On Printers (When you print through our Windows Driver).

If you use RAW mode this is not applicable.

Normally you should not need to use margins as L4D will print your reports DFD style with the appropriate margins, but due to the fact that you print via our WIndows Spooler there is some rules you need to comply with.

1. Use IBM Proprinter or Epson MX-80 in your DFD (4.x, 5.x etc).
2. What margins you set in DFD will be ignored, you need to set them in L4D on the printer directly.
3. Any blank lines etc at the beginning of the report or at the end will be ignored, so use the margins above if you need some extra space at the top or the bottom of your print.
4. If you only need it on the first page and the rest should have normal margins, simply insert a . at the top and then insert the required number of lines under the . It is cheeky but it works.


Raw mode means that you print directly to the Printer port without any Windows formatting. If you select this all other formatting will be ignored and the printer and you will control the universe.

So if it doesn't start printing or it looks wrong you need to check your settings in DFD and what codes you have inserted in your Print format.

Good luck.


50 mm Margins all around.

Written by DataEase 10/08/16 at 15:32:19 LegEasy DOS

Re:LegEasy4DOS Professional - Print Margins and Raw (ver.

is there anything I can do in the advanced DEOs config and autoexec to get better performance?

Do I need 




Thank you

Written by Rainer 11/08/16 at 08:40:08 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:LegEasy4DOS Professional - Print Margins and Raw (ver.

Definitely not ;-)

It is now default.

Written by DataEase 11/08/16 at 13:02:13 LegEasy DOS