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LegEasy4DOS Professional - Printer Timeout Settings added (Ver.

Started by DataEase
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LegEasy4DOS Professional - Printer Timeout Settings added (Ver.

DataEase does not spool a print job but send it directly to the port as it is produced. 

So if you run a report with a lot of grouping and only send out the group headers/trailers for instance with the totals and it is a heavy job you might run into the problem that the built in timers in the LegEasy4DOS Spooler will run out and you can get many separate print jobs.

The built in Timer is a two stage "rocket".

TimoutLong and TimeOut Short.

The way they work is as follows:

TimeOutLong is the "normal" timeout that will happen if there is nothing sent to the printer.

TimeOutShort overrides the long one if the last thing that was sent to the printer was  Form Feed or .page in DataEase for DOS terms.

So worst case scenario. 

Grouping with a lot of aggregation where you send a .page in the group trailer to get each "statement" on it own page.

This might not be as bad if you send it directly to the printer, but if you send it to PDF for instance you will get a lot of PDFs....

So to work around this we have added settings in the CONFIG area of LegEasy4DOS so you can set these two timers yourself.

Default is



If you have the problem above due to .page then simply increase timeoutshort to 5 and you should be good.

Written by DataEase 15/08/16 at 20:40:16 LegEasy DOS

Re:LegEasy4DOS Professional - Printer Timeout Settings added (Ver.

When will this version be released?  I am having printing issues as well for long jobs.

Written by Joe Reed 17/08/16 at 13:25:04 LegEasy DOS

Re:Re:LegEasy4DOS Professional - Printer Timeout Settings added (Ver.

Today ;-)

Written by DataEase 18/08/16 at 18:00:52 LegEasy DOS