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Change to Product Mix LegEasy4DOS - Personal Discontinued!

Started by DataEase
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Change to Product Mix LegEasy4DOS - Personal Discontinued!

LegEasy4DOS has now been with us for 3 months and it has been a fantastic success. 

We have to admit that we hit bulls eye with the re-introduction of this great version of DataEase but that is also almost everything we got right.

Our assumptions on who needed LegEasy4DOS and how it needed to be distributed and sold was almost all wrong, and the only excuse we have here is that we have not been in contact with you for almost 20 years so our information was a little outdated.

We believe that seeing is believing and hence it was better to get a product out there for you to play with and then take your feedback on board and adapt the product to your needs.

It pleases us no end to find out that there are so many big and professional DataEase for DOS users out there, but it surprise us a little more that there are so few personal users that has come forward.

This might be down to the commercial need to keep on top of things from professional users when the Personal users are used to the quirkiness of running DataEase for DOS in their systems.

It might also be down to the fact that we published a solution for single users a long time ago that works brilliantly.

Anyhow we need to take on board the realities of the situation so we want to plough all our resources into making the LegEasy4DOS Professional even better and hence discontinue the Personal version.

Before any of our Personal users panic we will add that your license is valid on Professional and you can switch over at any time. Your current version of Personal will also work "forever" so if you are happy there is no need to swtich.

The only practical consequence of this is that we from today sell Professional from 1 user upwards.

For those of you that selected Personal because of its standalone profile we have the pleasure to announce that we are working on a offline feature for Professional so you will be able to run it 100% offline.

Written by DataEase 19/09/16 at 11:21:03 LegEasy DOS