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Tired of the Delete Dialogue? New RecordDelete() with Option solve that!!

Started by DataEase
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Tired of the Delete Dialogue? New RecordDelete() with Option solve that!!

I don't know about you but I hate this dialogue!

Every time I get it I think - WHY? I just want to delete this record and get on with it.

And now you can!

With the new RecordDelete with Options you can delete specifically the subform row you have put the button on without having to answer this stupid question.

There has been plenty of hacks involving KeyStrokes and lastly ExecDQL() but neither are very elegant.

Now it has gone "native" so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Simply put the button on the subform and use this derivation.

The RecordSave() is just added to "confirm" the delete as you know the subform will not be updated until after you save the record.



retval := RecordDelete().

Deletes current record. Will show Delete record dialogue if no argument is added.

With argument you can delete specifically the row that has focus.


What To Delete: String

All: delete the entire record with all subforms and nested subforms.
MainForm: Delete the mainform record only.
SubForm: Delete the active Subform Row/Record only.
SubFormS : Delete the active Subform and all nested subforms .

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