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ChinEase - How to get your DataEase to "speak" Chinese or any other language.... (CharacterSet/CodePage)

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ChinEase - How to get your DataEase to "speak" Chinese or any other language.... (CharacterSet/CodePage)

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We have done a lot of different fixes and improvements since we took over DataEase Development back in 2007. We had to find our way and not all of them has not been given the "promotion" they might deserve.

DataEase had a wide array of nationalised versions up to and including DFW 5.x but it was more or less completely abandoned from 6.x onward. 

Truth be told this partly due to the massive problems experienced with "stabilising" just one version of DataEase and the fact that the popularity of DataEase for WIndows was never the same as for DFD.

We experienced very much of the same when we tried to take DFW forwards, so after having looked into it and made a German and an Arabic version of 7.2 we more or less focused on bringing the "lacking" functionality into the product rather than making a multitude of different versions.

However as part of the work we did a fix so you could use any language in DataEase which had been a complete impossibility in DataEase for WIndows prior to 7.2

Since we continued to focus on the English Speaking market (LATIN1) we never really promoted this solution, but when people (Russian, Greek, Arabic, Persian, Indian so far) partners has approached us we have showed them how to utilise it.

We did this "Fix" back in 2009 but it has not been much used as it involves re-configuring your WIndows etc.

However, the ones that do use it are very happy with it.

Basically the configuration is two steps:

1. You need to configure your system Locale to be Chinese.

This WILL effect all your 8 bit character translations so for instance if you live in Norway or Germany it will have detrimental effect on your ability to use "local" characters, but if you live in an English speaking country this is not a problem (One of the reasons why we don't feel this is a 100% solution ;-)

You will now have to restart your computer.

2. The next setting is for a translation of characters internally in DataEase and this is Application Specific so the switches need to be set in each application where you want to use. 

The settings are found in the INI file that is located in the Application catalogue.

It will be typical the same as the repository i.e. RDRRxAAA.INI where x is the application letter.

In the Settings under Interface you will find these to. 




Set them to the values below.




Now you can start/restart DataEase 8.5 and it should "speak" ChinEase ;-)

The method for doing this for any other language is the same you just need to set the correct system locale and use the correct CodePage and CharacterSet.

Reference below:

CodePages In WIndows

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

The following Windows code pages exist:

IDNamesDescriptionTypeBaseEncodingStandardSupport DOS- based WindowsSupport Windows NT familySupport Windows CE familyComments
37CP037, IBM037IBM EBCDIC US-CanadaOtherEBCDICderivation8-bit SBCSIBM CP037[5] ?Yes
437CP437, IBM437IBM PC USOEMASCIIderivation8-bit SBCSIBM CP437[6]1.00-4.90Yes
1250CP1250, Windows-1250Latin 2 / Central EuropeanANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1250[7][8] ?Yes
1251CP1251, Windows-1251CyrillicANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1251[9][10] ?Yes
1252CP1252, Windows-1252Latin 1 / Western EuropeanANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1252[11][12] ?Yesletter repertoire similar to CP850
1253CP1253, Windows-1253GreekANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1253[13][14] ?Yes
1254CP1254, Windows-1254TurkishANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1254[15][16] ?Yes
1255CP1255, Windows-1255HebrewANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1255[17][18] ?Yes
1256CP1256, Windows-1256ArabicANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1256[19][20] ?Yes
1257CP1257, Windows-1257BalticANSIASCII derivation8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1257[21][22] ?Yes
1258CP1258, Windows-1258VietnameseOEM+ANSI ?8-bit SBCSMicrosoft CP1258[23][24] ?Yes

DOS codepages

437United States ("PC-ASCII")1.019811984
710Arabic (Transparent Arabic)3.31988* Arabic MS-DOS 3.3
720Arabic (Transparent ASMO)6.2219941997*
737Greek II6.219931996First a hardware solution (MDA & Hercules graphics cards)
850Multilingual (Latin I)3.319871986
852Slavic/Eastern European (Latin II)519911993
855Cyrillic I6.2219941988
866Russian (Cyrillic II)4.0119901991Russian MS-DOS 4.01. General support in MS-DOS 6.22 (1994).
874Thai6.2219941992? probably in Windows 3.x Thai edition
936Chinese (Simplified)41988*?
  • DOS: First DOS version supporting this codepage with year released.
  • IBM: Year of first appearance in IBM registry (Graphic Character Sets and Code Pages).
  • * Support required a special language version of MS-DOS.
  • ? "Windows ANSI and OEM" codepage (used both in DOS and Windows).

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